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Your Worst Enemy
Gianina Rodriguez  |
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[151호] 승인 2019.06.13  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

The possibility of finding happiness, as an unexpected gift, has been unfolded for each one of us since the beginning of our human existence. The struggles and the difficulties we will face during our lifetime are also included in that gift, as well as the inherent human impulse to overcome them. However, when do we lose that impulse? Which moment of the beautiful journey of existence do we become our worst enemies? When do we learn how to judge ourselves so cruelly? When do we start pointing fingers at our mistakes while blaming the person we should love the most?

Apparently, he or she simply gives up to the idea at a certain moment from an individual’s life that overcoming difficult times is attainable, until it turns unlikely and into a worst-case scenario, and impossible.

Probably, every one of us need to be kindly reminded that no one is sure about what to do with their lives or even how to do it in this “race.” We must be reminded that we are all aiming for the same thing even though we are facing different situations, living unalike realities, following separate paths, and chasing individual dreams. In the end, we all want to be happy and feel satisfied with our brief trip on this earth.

The human journey may not be meant to be a race, but an enjoyable walk. Also, we may never be meant to know all the answers but to laugh at uncertainty. Moreover, happiness may not be the unreachable sacred place at the end of the road but the road itself and its unexpected surprises.

If no one has encouraged you so far, then I will.

Stop for a while, take a deep breath, look around and count your blessings. What a great honor is it to be the expectations of everyday magic? Magic can be found in nature, in a stranger’s kindness, in a kid’s curious eyes, in an animal’s warmth, in a friend’s unconditional support, and in a family’s never-ending love.

Our life is not infinite. Eventually one day we will leave this place; our bodies will return back to dust, our souls will follow them as well, and the only remaining thing will be the moments of bravery already lived and the memories already shared with the ones we loved and who dared to love us back, so be gentle with yourself. I dare you to feel comfortable with your existence, under your skin, in your overall body. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a once in a lifetime journey; do not miss it.

Gianina Rodriguez

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