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Kim Hyeon-ho  |
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[151호] 승인 2019.06.13  
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Movementary : Film your Dream

The UOS Times covered the Central Club “Movementary.” I realized that this process is not that easy like I expected. The reason why I thought like that was there are various processes like editing and coming up with ideas. Also, I thought it was interesting that they change their rule. Originally, they ranked every movie at the film show. However, they abolished competition because their purpose of video making is to fully enjoy. It was very good to show actually implement what they are pursuing.

How is Your Job Going to Be

Korean students get a lot of stress when they find jobs. The reason is that there are not many jobs that meet our expectations in regard to work and life balance. The UOS Times covered this subject well. I especially liked the last sentence. “Although everyone’s thought of job selection is different, they are also similar in that we all pursue happiness.” All of UOS students are different but we are the same in that we try to find happiness. I hope everyone becomes happy when they find jobs.

Internet Addiction: A New Age Phenomenon to Confront

Walking around the streets these days, we can see that everyone is watching their smartphones. Smartphones, especially the Internet, have deeply come into our lives. As modern people, we cannot get away from our smartphone because our lives are going faster and we have to follow this social trend. So, I think this is a very important subject for us. We should consider how to make good use of the Internet and not to become addicted.

Fine Dust - an Uninvited Guest of the Air

The UOS Times introduced fine dust, which is one of the most important issues of this year. They have clearly outlined the concept of fine dust, why it occurs, and how we should deal with it. One thing I would like to suggest is to find out where the fine dust really came from. It may not only come from our country. As many surveys have said, this is heavily influenced by China. It would have been more interesting if the article dealt with things like our Korean government’s response and Chinese government reaction.

Kim Hyeon-ho
School of Electric and Computer Engineering, ‘15

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