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[152호] 승인 2019.09.18  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

I was quite inexperienced at my first task as the Chief, actually. Thanks to my reporters, I was able to successfully complete all the work. And I really enjoyed the summer with them, besides the work, studying and going on a short trip together. The past few months when we made this magazine was hot and humid, not only the weather but also the international issues.

Korea has a conflict with Japan so-called ‘trade war.’ This hostile relationship is arousing emotions of Koreans stemming from history. It is becoming a serious economic crisis especially for the petroleum, machine, and semiconductor industries. I wish domestic industries overcome this challenge and may take this current situation as a chance to develop. Japan is the closest country to Korea geographically, so public attention to the diplomatic field is heightened.

Another conflict occurring near Korea is the mass protest of Hong Kong citizens against China’s extradition law. This issue that is under way now was covered in-depth in this issue of The UOS Times. Although it was impossible to get a hold of China’s official position, we interviewed Joshua Wong, the leader of Hong Kong protesters, to describe the scene and explain each position of Hong Kong and China in our article “Society International.” I hope there is no more violence against Hong Kong citizens and the protest to be democratic and peaceful. In “Society Domestic,” we looked into what concerned students of the UOS think about the reservist training. It could be regarded as a burdensome duty but our coverage revealed male students’ in-depth opinions on this obligation. And The UOS Times investigated into university students’ mental health on “Cover story.” As its title shows, this article on the most important issue of today, “The Most Important of All: Mental Health,” will also help students who need to take care of stresses and psychological health.

This 152nd magazine has other interesting articles too, and I expect our readers to enjoy reading them when they get tired of studying or to kill some time. It will be great if this magazine makes your new semester fun.

Yi Se-won

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