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An Outdoor Sculpture ExhibitionShedding New Light on the Familiar :
Jeong Ji-eun  |
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[152호] 승인 2019.09.18  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

An Outdoor Environment Sculpture Exhibition is being held by the Dept. of Environmental Sculpture at the University of Seoul (UOS). The exhibition, which comes every summer, began on June 19 and will close on Oct. 31 this year. During the show, the campus becomes a place where people can take unique pictures and the familiar scenery changes into a newly born landscape. Therefore, it has received wide attention from many visitors who came to the school so far. Besides, especially this year, the exhibition is more noticeable by its use of various and colorful tires in every piece of artwork. To gain more detailed information, The UOS Times interviewed Yang Ju-hee (Dept. of Environmental Sculpture, ’16) who participated in this exhibition.

Why did the students use tires for every sculpture at this exhibition?
This year’s Outdoor Environment Sculpture Exhibition was organized in collaboration with Hyunil Corporation. The corporation is a mid-course company for supplying tires. We received about 20 different kinds of tires that we could use in our works and subsidies for the exhibition. Therefore, you can look for a variety of tires in every piece of our work.

All the works naturally match the surrounding landscape. Did the students assign certain pieces of work to specific places in advance?
Sure. First, students including myself individually decided a place where we wanted to show our works. Then, after consulting with professors and students, we decide the best place to display. If the installation of the work needed a place to be dug, we made a field investigation with the Dept. of Landscape Architecture and then selected the proper place. In other cases, we finally decided where to install the work only after receiving the school’s permission.

Is the participation of this sculpture exhibition necessary before graduation?
Yes. Fourth-grade students must complete the ‘Outdoor Sculpture’ class in their first semester. In the case of this year, the exhibition is held at UOS since we collaborated with a corporation. However, the location could be changed if we are offered another place. Therefore, next year, the exhibition can be held may be somewhere else, not at our school!

How much time do you usually invest in preparing for this kind of arts exhibition?
It mostly requires way more than just the given amount of time in our regular arts classes. Of course, the time needed depends on what kind of artwork you intend to produce. For outdoor exhibitions, it is essential to make the work sturdier than the one set for indoors exhibition so that it may overcome natural disasters such as typhoons or rough weather conditions. That’s why we must spend most of our time away from home, sleepless, at least for a month before the exhibition commences. Moreover, upon signing the contract with the tire company, we were not able to receive the items immediately due to our school’s strict administrative regulations. For this reason, we were obliged to galvanize all our strengths solely into our works in order to complete them as soon as possible within the stringently given time-frame.

Lastly, we would like to know which part entailed the most hardships during and after the installation process of these artworks.
The difficulties experienced during the installation process vary greatly depending on what type of artwork you are working on. For me, I was lucky enough to be assisted by a 5-ton cargo crane and a truck for installing my work on the ground. However, for those who had to install their works in the fountain, or for those who had to dig deep into the soil, it goes without saying that they encountered more hardships. Moreover, because the artworks weighed a lot, we had to rely on electric pulling locomotives for moving them around.
Regarding the difficulties we experienced after the installation process, it all comes down to proper maintenance and care. The exhibition is set to be presented to the public till the end of October. We hope that people would enjoy the works with vigilance and care. A lot of the works had to be taken away after being subject to damage and we do not want to be broken-hearted again from this.

The artist Edgar Degas once quoted, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” UOS consists of numerous places boasting its own unique features. However, it is only natural that they have become all too dull and commonplace to most students of UOS. The main purpose of the works of the students of environmental sculpture therefore was to make harmony of its artworks with their respective backdrops, allowing viewers to grasp novel beauty in the hackneyed places through the lens of these works. Simply put, they worked on infusing a sense of idiosyncrasy to their viewers through the works, but most importantly strived to bring the places that have become all too familiar back to the limelight.

Jeong Ji-eun

Chi Hyo-lim

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