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The Urban Film Festival
Hong Sung-hwa  |
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[152호] 승인 2019.09.18  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Every year, at the University of Seoul (UOS), an event takes places where students can enjoy a variety of films. Students can enjoy films not o nly as an audience but also as a director. Through the Urban Film Festival, students can show their passions for movies by joining in a competition or participating in a program. This festival is marking its 22nd anniversary and it is going to be held this November. The UOS Times interviewed Jeong Je-won (Dept. of Urban Sociology, ’16), Shin In-young (Dept. of Urban Sociology, ’17), and a few others in charge of managing the Urban Film Festival to learn more about the upcoming festival.

Q. Can you briefly introduce the Urban Film Festival?
The Urban Film Festival is an event hosted by the Seoul Government and organized by the department of Urban Sociology. It contains films about the diverse aspects of Seoul. It celebrates its 22nd anniversary this year. In the beginning, only the students of the department of Urban Sociology started to hold the Urban Film Festival. But now, students from other departments or other universities are also allowed to participate in this festival.
The Urban Film Festival is going to be held on Nov. 7 to Nov. 9. On Nov. 7, we have an opening ceremony of the festival and on the other dates, people can enjoy various programs and movies. We are planning to hold this festival on our campus, but the exact place has not been decided yet.

Q. What is the distinct point of the 2019 Urban Film Festival compared to the previous ones?
The Urban Film Festival has different slogan and concept every year. Every year all participants try to show diverse aspects of Seoul through the films. This year, we wanted the Urban Film Festival to be spread more diversely and widely. For that reason, we selected “Color;full City” as the slogan. The word “Color;full” is combined with “colorful” as a metaphor for “variety,” and “full.” We made this slogan because we hoped to cover a wide variety of topics and expected films to contain multifarious features of the city of Seoul. For example, we tried to deal with the architectures of the city of Seoul, people’s lives living in Seoul, and etc. as topics. Also, this year, we asked other departments’ students to join the Urban Film Festival. Therefore, we decided to hold “From now, Director” which is an educational program to teach students who have never filmed movies before.

Q. What is the task for the preparation team of the Urban Film Festival?
Our team consists of three parts with different roles. The Invitation team selects the invitation films and contacts the directors. Next team is the Competition team. They plan the workshop of “From now, Director” and take charge of managing “Competition Part” program. Lastly, we have the Promotion team. The Promotion team tries to advertise the Urban Film Festival. We post a schedule of the festival, make a poster of it and post it on the blog of the Urban Film Festival. Every team member tries hard to hold the Urban Film Festival.

Q. Can you explain more about the program “From Now, Director”?
We have a seminar for beginners of film making. Every equipment needed for the seminar is provided by the Urban Sociology department. We lend cameras and computer room for the participants so that they can learn how to shoot and edit films. This seminar is not only for students from our university but also for people participating from other university. This makes it possible for students to collaborate with students from other university. This year, we have many applicants from other university.

Q. Can you tell us about programs of the Urban Film Festival?
Programs are divided into two sections which are the competition part and the invitation part. In the competition section, there are programs called “From Now, Director” and “General Contest.” As mentioned earlier, “From Now, Director” is a program for people who are beginners of film making. “General Contest” is a competition between university student participants. Students from any university are able to submit their works in the competition. Unlike “From Now, Director,” we do not offer any special assistance for this competition. It is more like a common form of contests. Lastly, in the invitation section, we buy or lend movies from other film festivals and play them in our festival. We usually select pieces that can only be seen at film festivals and those that are praised by the critics so people can enjoy well-produced films through this program.

Throughout the above interview, The UOS Times was able to get more specific information of the Urban Film Festival. We found that this festival is offering students chances to enjoy movies that are not easy to access. Besides, for future directors, this festival is giving them a channel to show their works to audiences. Moreover, the preparation process of each program seemed well-organized and from this, we could expect great things from this year’s festival. Especially, the program named “From now, director” is expected to be a precious opportunity for beginners to learn film making. Thus, The UOS Times highly recommend everyone who is interested in film to join this festival and get meaningful experiences.

Hong Sung-hwa

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