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Disease of Diligence
Ryu Min-yeol  |
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[152호] 승인 2019.09.18  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

If you are born as a Korean, you may live the life where you have to study hard from a very young age. Just because parents and the Korean society told you that you have to study hard to go to a better university than others, many students study regardless of their own will to study. Although it is hard to know the meaning of studying when we are young, but if students study just to satisfy their parent’s expectations, we all know they will get lost in their route of life. I was also a student that just had studied without knowing my goals of life. When students in Korea read this opinion, most of them may feel the same way.

Regardless of the grades in university, I think many students are suffering from the ‘disease of diligence’ because we have grown up just doing something over and over, especially studying, without knowing why we have to do that. Before we enter the university, our parents and school gave us specific goals such as preparing for school exams and the Korean College Scholastic Ability Test. Therefore, after we enter university, we wander about in our life with no specific goals. We thought that just doing something with eager passion will lead us to a good destination. However, the more we grow old, the more we realize that there is no meaning of passion without destination.

Of course, it is important to try something with passion. However, on the way, it might be easy to overlook the most important thing; relaxing our body and mind. If we don’t take enough rest in the midst of our busy days, we may feel like we are repeating things without specific goals. Relaxing our mind and body always don’t mean that we have to watch the movie, exercise or read some books. The ‘relaxing’ I want say is having the time to reflect on our life. It may seem easy, but to a person who is unconsciously suffering from the ‘disease of diligence,’ it will be hard because they feel anxiety when they don’t do something that others say it is good for their life.

If you think that you are suffering from the ‘disease of diligence,’ I recommend that you take enough time to look back on your life, goals and relationship. Once you do it, you may feel like you have been wasting your energy and life for so many small things. Even if the person who is suffering from unconscious diligence succeeds in their life, if they can’t realize their own goals and change their method of living their life, they will miss so many things, such as happiness with family and friends, and even the trivial things that make them smile.

When you get out of the framework of passively trying your best in all things, you will be able to find your own path of life and achieve real valuable goals. Consequently, I think overcoming the ‘disease of diligence’ as a Korean means finding the real me and happiness in our life.

Ryu Min-yeol

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