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Yeokdongjeon, The First Movement of Three Universities
Yi Se-won  |
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[153호] 승인 2019.12.27  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

On Sept. 10 to 27, there was a big event between the University of Seoul(UOS), the Kyung Hee University(KHU), and the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies(HUFS). Its name is Yeokdongjeon, yeokdong is a word ‘dynamic’ in Korean and it is under a slogan “We Move” meaning we move for sports and we impress everyone. Three universities are near Hoegi and also share rivalry. Based on this relationship, there were a lot of opinion to want opening this kind of event. Soccer (men’s and women’s are separate), basketball, tennis, dodgeball, and e-sports are in entries. The opening ceremony is on Sept.9. Starting with this, preliminaries are held, and the finals are going from Sept. 23 to 27, the last day.

The finals were dodgeball(at UOS), tennis(at UOS), basketball(at HUFS), soccer(at UOS), and e-sports(streaming by Twitch) in order. To explain some entries, tennis is played by full league 1 set 6 games at the preliminaries and single round match 1 set 6 games at the final. Women’s soccer, 7 to 7 score, the first and second half play for 20 minutes each. And specially, offside and limiting the number of changing players do not apply. E-sports has two sets of League of legends (LOL), two sets of Overwatch, and a set of Kartrider. By tossing, players are going to decide offence and defense in Overwatch and the camp in LOL. Kartrider is going to have five individual games, and add up the results to decide the winner.

The higher total score of e-sports is UOS’s. As the finals results, in dodgeball, UOS won the final three of five games against HUFS. And tennis, UOS also won against KHU. KHU won men’s doubles and women’s doubles, but UOS won mixed doubles and men’s singles and higher at the total score. At the final of basketball, KHU won against UOS. Soccer, HUFS won the women’s final, and UOS won the men’s final. Last, in e-sports UOS won two sets of LOL and two sets of Overwatch, KHU won a game of Kartrider. In conclusion UOS won the first Yeokdongjeon.

It was bigger and had more various games than just the university festival. Banners for cheers also made the passionate mood in the campus. Slogans were created by students, so these showed witty features between the three universities. Although it was the first event, it was less popular than expected. However, everyone who watched the event, either directly or indirectly, liked it. Therefore, it is expected to be a big event in Hoegi next year and in the future.

Yi Se-won

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