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Life in Your Hand
Lee Ho-jun  |
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[153호] 승인 2019.12.27  
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What Is the Palmistry?

There is a study claiming that it can predict people’s lives by looking at their palms. The study is known as “the palmistry”. It is more than just a superstition, and there are some people who study it. It claims that just by looking at the palm, people can predict the future of their health, marriage and so on. In other words, it says that life is already set by their hands.
Even though there is no statistical reason about it, it is continued today, being regarded as a culture. You can often see people who trust palmistry and go to see their palm. Of course, rather than taking it seriously, main purposes of it are reference for future planning and relaxation. Therefore, before reading this article in earnest, please note that some contents in this article, although they are interesting, may not be scientifically true.

History of Palmistry

The history of palmistry began as early as B.C. 500 According to biography of Pythagoras, a mathematician at the time, studied palmistry in India and guided it to his students. Therefore, given that Pythagoras had been learned in India, we can assume the history of palmistry to be even older. The record shows that the palmistry began in India and spread to Europe through Pythagoras. Over time, palmistry became widespread throughout Eurasia, and gradually began to establish a logical system as a study. Palmistry with long history insists that it can predict people’s destiny through the hand lines.
Then, how it can know our future with our palms? Before you see the palm, you might be wondering which hand is used to see your future. According to palmistry, there are differences between the left and right hand. The left hand shows personality and talent. In contrast, the right hand represents the faith and efforts, telling us about the future. By comparing the left hand and right hand, we can expect the future.
Therefore, we can see our past, present and future depending on which hand we choose to look at. From now on, we will see how to look at the palm. There are many things that we can expect through palmistry, but we will see how to predict our life span, talent and marriage that most people wonder.

What Palmistry Tells - Life Span

Life span can be expected by the black line that can be seen on the left image. The black line is called life line and is one of the thickest wrinkles in the left hand. According to the palmistry, life is commensurate with the length of life line. Therefore, the longer the life line, one can live longer and healthier. If not, there are two cases. The first case is the broken life line.
This case means that one cannot live a long life because of accidents or diseases. The second case is when the life line is divided into several parts. This means that it is difficult for the person to live smoothly. People may live in good health. However, they may also suffer from various diseases or get caught up in accidents.

What Palmistry Tells - Talent

The line of talent is related to the black line of photography. The line is called the wisdom line, and palmistry says it determines a person’s natural abilities like personality. The length of the wisdom line is proportional to one person’s wisdom. Therefore, the longer the wisdom line, the wiser the person is. Generally, the wisdom line runs to the ring finger.
Therefore, if your wisdom line does so, it would mean that you are an easygoing and faithful person. Sometimes, however, one person can have more than ane wisdom line. This means that the person is more talented in the art field than academic field.

What Palmistry Tells - Marriage

Marriage maybe an area that many students are curious about. How can palmistry predict one’s marriage? Here, you can simply predict how many times you will get married. The marriage line is a small line under the pinkie finger that corresponds to the black line in the picture.
The marriage line is faint compared to other lines. The number of lines means the number of marriages you are going to get married. In other words, if you have two lines of marriage, it means you have a chance to remarry. However, some experts argue that having multiple lines is ideal because people have two to four marriage lines on average.
Therefore, you do not have to worry about having two to four marriage lines. However, it is not good to have more marriage lines mentioned above because having more of them means there are more chances of cheating.

So far, we checked out our life span, talent and marriage through palmistry. Sometimes, some people receive palm surgery to change their destiny. However, there is no evidence that palmistry is scientific, so surgery cannot be a good method to make their future better. This is the reason why readers do not take this seriously even if your destiny is negative or positive with palmistry.
With these reasons, The UOS Times hopes that readers think they can make their future positive for themselves rather than just believing palmistry.

Lee Ho-jun

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