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An Earthquake on Registering for a Course
Han, KyungKun Editor  |
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.01  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Dropping Subjects

The period of dropping subjects Mar. 3. 2004 - Mar. 26. 2004

The former was applied after a midterm exam. But now, we have only a chance to drop the subjects before the midterm exam.

‘Dark Horse’ was a nick name of the ‘Dropping Subject System (DSS)’ before its time changed. To Students who spoiled the midterm exam, the DSS meant nothing more than recovering the grades. And also, it fostered the attitude like this: ‘Even though I won’t get a satisfying result in midterm; I don’t care.

I can drop it!’ And this viewpoint surely decreased the will to learn. The new system gives a chance to abandon the course before the midterm exam. It has been presented by the clue to solve the problems. New DSS considered that the original motive that formulate the rule and offer one more opportunity to the students: being not able to adapt the process of the courses, having not kept up with the level of class, the newness takes one step closer toward its prime meaning.

Changing the Lecture

The period of changing the lecture Mar. 2, 2004 - Mar. 8, 2004

The university has modified the regulation to restrict to changes the lecture during the period of changing the lecture. From this term, the limitation was eliminated with guaranteeing the student`s wish to register any course that he or she likes.

In order to promote the prudent selection while students register for a course, the authorities previously laid down the limits that allowed the change to less than four subjects during the period. However, classes which are preferred biased in favor of several subjects. So, students used to wait for vacancies as selecting a temporary expedient with anxiety.

If nobody canceled the lecture they wanted, excepted students had to undergo drastic changes of their timetable. In the end, due to the limitation of the subject, they had to attend the temporary expedient.

In this case, students had to live in the yoke of unexpected timetable, far from `prudent selection`. Even worse, repeating the daily routine filled with unwilling lectures, they fell into a machine that only makes good grades, but not their desire to the highly motivated semester.

A new system has been launched this semester. The core is that the restriction was abolished. Thanks to this change, students not always choose all the lectures that they want with their wish, but they can at least motivationally design their timetable by having another opportunity to change their schedules.

So what?!

At the first sight of these changes, it seems that those are not worthy, not related. Yet those are similar and significant in several aspects: respecting the student`s intention; supporting the lectures which are more suitable to students` level; fostering the circumstance that bears the university`s image as the center of knowledge, not trying their best to hold good grades for employment.

Observing those special changes that reflect the `Upgraded UOS`, the UOSian cannot help feeling joyful. On the other hand, we can hear the voice of discontent about those altered features through the campus. The new system has been evaluated as freedom without options. Also, some people blame about the changes that these mean nothing more than a temporizing solution toward essence of university.

Nonetheless, we can find out a brilliant future from those changes. Why? It is because there is a constant effort to transfigure itself into better feature under lots of defections.
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