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The UOS and UOSians Can Make the Global Campus
Chung, Jae-Jung  |
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.01  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
In the future, the university cannot develop itself without building up a Global Mind. Especially, in the part of international relationship, if the university does not have systems connected with that, it will be turned over than other universities.

To improve a power of international exchange, we have to absorb the foreigners who live in Seoul. Above all, the UOS needs to be reborn as an international university. The reason why we teach Korean and Korean culture to foreigners is to realize the universal Seoul and Korea by the internationalized area.

In fact, the Continuing Education Center is no more than an attached institution, not only the university but the students are not internationalized yet. Our university is weak to conduct international exchange. So the importance of the Continuing Education Center is making the global education instead of the UOS.

It’ll play a role of stimulant, and make them international. If you recognize the foreigners’ worth as a public relations member of Seoul and the Korea, that will be a great deal! There is no wonder university should do the part if the nation can’t.

We have a plan to place emphasis on the Korean history and culture in addition to the Korean language in the future. It will be delivered in every language, and given publicity of Seoul and Korea to the foreigners.

Frankly speaking, these kinds of global education and system can be more effective under the management of the UOS. But because it is not available now, the Continuing Education Center can give impetus to the UOS. The exchange between the Continuing Education Center and the UOS is important. For example, the UOS should invite foreign students who attend the Continuing Education Center to school and then hold the joint cultural festival.

The UOS and UOSians immediately need to recognize the importance of Internationalization. It is a good chance to enter global university if the UOS makes an International Zone, which is the global community in campus.
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