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Welcome to Booklover’ s Community !The Global Book Club Crosses Time and Space
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.01  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
People usually do not read a book more than twice. Have you ever heard a whimper of books on your shelf?

BookCrossing means, as the word means, trading books. It encourages people to leave their books in public places for others to read. It was launched in March 2001, by an American whose name is Ron Allen Hornbaker. He was interested in a unique web site, which helps people release disposable cameras, then tracks their whereabouts and displays the pictures taken along the way.

After seeing the web site, an idea came across his mind. Soon he sought to create a community site that would be the first of its kind. Finally, he opened a web site ( and it has become popular by word-of-mouth.

Do you want to participate in the ‘BookCrossing’ ?

Here’s how it works. First, visit the web site ( and join as a member. Then, pick one of your books and register it on the site. Third, fill up the basic information of the book such as the title, writer, ISBN, your review of the book or anything else you want to say about it.

Next, receive a unique ID (FYB NO.) provided to every registered book. It can be printed out and attached to the inside of the front cover. After attaching the FYB NO. write down a message with your own ID and decide where to put it. Finally, leave the book at the appointed place and inform the place and date on the site.

How do you know when someone finds a book you’ve released?

Click on Book Hunting. Here are the books that are traveling for a new owner according to regional classification. You can also find out whether any wandering books have been found and check out the newly registered books in Book Hunting.

If you found a book with FYB NO. What should you do?

If you discovered a book by accident or intentionally, just go to the web site. On the web site, enter the FYB NO. and leave a brief note so that others will know what happens to the book. Then an e-mail notification will be sent to the book owner automatically.

BookCrossing is certainly about tracking books. But even more, this movement is being pursued in prospect of spreading out to off-line communities, beside trading books via Internet. Many book lovers already started to meet for personal or social interaction. You can find vibrant and fast-growing global communities where there are full of people who love both books and sharing all over the world.
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