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If You Want, You Can Do It!
Ko, SungMin Reporter  |  peakzone@naver.com
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.01  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
We all are always tired with the continual hectic days. To regain vital power, how about going abroad during the school vacation? A new world will give you new impressions and experiences.

Nowadays, travel is not a luxuriousness but a necessary. Though you make up your mind to go out, you would probably hesitate for the things that are left behind. What are the ways making your trip easier and cost-less?

In the University of Seoul

The University of Seoul (UOS) assists students who have financial problems through the Free Backpack Tour program, which has been executed recently. In 2004, the UOS extendeded its program, called ‘Theme Tour’.

The Free Backpack Tour program assists students with one million won as a tour expense to travel in Europe. This program has many applicants and the number of applicants was even higher in this year. The program is made to help backpacking in a team that consists of 3~5 people. This program selects suitable students by their English skills and tour plans.

The Theme Tour program gives opportunities to learn more about an appointed field in other countries. The program accepts not only the UOS students but also professors, staff members and high school students in Seoul. The fortune of receiving money for their tour and other activities goes to the teams with outstanding academic results of many kinds.

The fields of study include Natural Science, Urban Science /Engineering, Economics/Management, and Culture/Society and Art/Physical Education. The themes are about the investigation of government, social community, laboratory, university, social party or person who has a global standard know-how and talent.

Though the program to makes students to travel by a certain theme is taking place for the first time, many students have applied. Since more people are interested in overseas travel nowadays, the school is not there alone helping students go abroad; other chances are waiting for the applicants outside the university.

In Society

Companies, financial institutions, public corporations and TV programs provide various traveling abroad programs for diverse purposes. Companies make tour programs for social contribution services and making their company personnel. Also, they offer tour packages as a gift of events.

Financial institutions have their own financial tour packages that include some financial benefit. And public parties invite international volunteers. Look around and you will see there are lots of chances. Keep looking; there are various programs that support overseas travel everywhere.

What are we doing during the travel?

Participating in an overseas trip without much money is growing to be one of the cultural phenomena. Surely it is inexpensive. So, we could only enjoy the cheap cost of traveling rather than the true meaning of our travel. But you should take it as a chance to experience the new culture and to learn about their history.

If you study about your destination, your trip can be meaningful and adventurous making it more enjoyable and memorable than anybody else’s. So, why don’t we kick off the books for a while and go abroad to see and learn about the things we have not yet to discover.
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