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The 114th May Day in Daehangno - Caught on Rep orter’s Eyes
Ryoo, SeulGi Editor  |
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.01  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
There was a large crowd of people on Daehangno and traffic was regulated at about 2 p.m. on May 1st - the May Day. The pre-event of the ceremony to celebrate the 114th May Day, which was planned to begin at 3 p.m. was about to begin, This ceremony was also a party convention of the Democratic Labor Party related from Korean Confederation of Trade Union.

They were claiming the withdrawal of dispatching troops, granting the regular job status, the three big rights for labor, the right of health, and the resistance to neo-liberalism through this movement. Under the burning sun, the ceremony started with an opening declaration, and a flag entering Many spectators wore vests and raised up pickets. The participants were from Korean Confederation of Trade Union, the trade union of each region, the labor union of every company, Hanchongryun, Seochongryun and other chongryuns as well as the government employees’ labor union and the teaching staff labor union.

The scene of flags entering the middle of the street confirmed the attention of the public and the importance of this event. There were especial seats in front of the audience for the government employees’ labor union and the teaching staff labor union, which were the main community of this ceremony. In addition, there were also many of disabled people to protect their human right, in spite of their difficulties.

Kwon, Young-gil, leader of the Democratic Labor Party began a congratulatory speech after a guest introduction and an assembly address. His complimentary address was concerned with the success of this 114th May Day event and Korean Confederation of Trade Union’s success of the entering of floor in 4.15 general election - they occupied 10 seats.

In addition, he showed his ambition to be the party in power in 2012 taking examples from the West, and he wanted his wishes to be shared by the audiences. I wondered why these people were calling for their rights taking such pains under the hot sun.

To the public and reporters who were taking pictures, they all seemed to be as one group. There were two main purposes that gathered people on Daehangno. One is a common dream that all people wish to be true. The other is the benefit of each organization. Although they had different ideas, they were trying out in the same voice.

A crowd of students was trying to beat the heat using a piece of printed-paper instead of a fan on the side of the street filled with labor unions. More college students participated in this ceremony than expected. But most of them seemed to have followed the groups they belonged to. Their eyes were telling the fact that they didn’t know much about the cause; however, this ceremony is part of education to them. Unlike them, there are some other people struggling for their life and right.

What is it that they really want? As they insist, there are too many things in this world that need to be changed. Some say it’s not bad to live the way the world is, but then, opposite side makes a counterattack that the world exists only for the well off.

It’s an endless argument, for there are no single right standard or answer. The interview with the man wearing indigo jumper of the Democratic Labor Party was attempted. At first, he seemed to be indifferent, but he answered the question about dispatch of troops in a firm voice. His thoughts about contribution to public welfare and basic rights were so firm.

Though he sounded as if he was supporting a socialist state, he never forgot that his country is a capitalist state. He insisted that a tax be used for the right place. Everybody knows that it should be changed, but that is a complicated issue.

Marx’s failure was due to ruling out the human nature. He refused to tell his name because he belongs to the guidance division in a party. It was an unofficial interview, so only his e-mail address was given. No one knows a solution to the endless argument between the progressive and the conservative.

When the interview was finished, I found a handicapped person revealing his bare body in front of the camera. Pressmen took pictures of disabled people for the hot responses of the public, while their uncomfortable bodies are shown entirely for their right.

Hearing the shouts of the gathered workers, I wondered whether their dreams can be true or not, but it is an important issue for all of us to think of. Waving flags and raising their fists up to the sky, they were speaking out their quiet voice full of their will. It was an unforgettable scene.
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