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Shall We Change the UOSians’ Mind?
Cho, JaeHo Editor  |
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.01  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
The library gives us opportunities to get along with other UOSians and to study with friends. Moreover, the library provides not only books but also newspapers, photos, magazines, computers, and a language laboratory.

We can also use the cultural facilities in the library. However, we usually have the notion that the library lacks students and books, and facilities are inconvenient to use. Especially, many times during the term examination, we get worried and lose our temper for the slightest provocation. Particularly during the test period, students using the library facilities show their dissatisfaction and displeasure. In the reading room, only bags and books are taking their seats.

What is worse, we can see ‘the man with two seats’ or even ‘the man occupying three seats’! Besides these selfish students, there seems to be students who damage library books. Even worse, some students occupy computers in the Electronic Library all day as if they are their personal computers.

Because of ringing or vibrating rustling of cell-phones, sounds of turning over pages, and sounds of making gossips between students, the library became a more vibrant place than any other places on the campus. The freshmen do not hold a high recognition of the library because the library doesn’t have enough books or seats and the air there is not so fresh.

As a result, they don’t feel that the library is properly managed. Also, the library is an insecure place. Because of frequent robbery, many students are scared about being in the library. However, nobody expresses the constructive criticism. The students who use the library aren’t defending their rights.

And they want somebody else to lead them. All they are doing is to enlarge their selfish mind. Is this the true mind of UOSians? Maybe the answer is “yes”. Without being aware of that, the selfish mind can get into our mind.

The nice and kind UOSians can only stare quietly with the students who are selfish and egoistic. Now, we should change this passive attitude. Even if it’s a small problem, we should express our thoughts, and by taking resolute actions we can change our library culture and our mind at the same time. Don’t just sit and think, but instead stand up and tell what you want to tell! We must improve the UOSians’ mind to make a better university that is well matched to our pride. Only books are taking seats
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