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How Should the UOS Proceed?
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and Heidelberg-all of these cities are University City. We look around how the university affects the community. We also can see the effects which influence real estate and local residents.

However, not only the UOS but also other universities in Korea, are the only places that were surrounded by fences, and called a hall of learning. Foreign universities such as University Cities do not have regular places.

They have each building here and there in the town. So it can be open places for the local residents. How about universities of Korea? How about the UOS? Is this a place that opens to everybody? Let? look into the UOS? actual conditions of opening.

1. Restaurant
in the Student Hall
The Student Hall is the most opened place. So we can see the local residents sometimes. However, other restaurants are the place only for the students and faculties.

2. Playground
It is also the open space to all. So we can see exercising residents in the morning.

3. Main Library
It is the most closed place. To use the Main Library, it needs student ID card. So the local residents can? enter easily. Even when they can use, it needs the very com-plicated process.

4. Gymnasium
It is also difficult to use, and is only for Dept. of Sports Informatics students. We can compare with other foreign universities?gym definite-ly.

5. Continuing Education Center
It is the special program in the UOS. It provides opportunities of high-quality Continuing education to Seoul citizens to enhance their consciousness as Seoul citizens. It also provides various programs, such as English, culture and hobby, etc.

6. Daedong Festival
It is held every May. There are small restaurants, pubs and small shops under the Student Association. However, it is just a festival enjoyed for ourselves.

Most of our facilities and programs are closed. Of course, it is needed to open for the local residents as far as students are not damaged. Because the UOSians are the master of the UOS. This is not only the problem that is limited to opening of school. It is the same as cultural programs which residents can join in.

Talk about in detail. The number of library is a lack in Korea, compared with the advanced countries. So the university library should cover these problems, relieving this situation. But using and entering such a place are limited to students and faculties.

Even when local residents are able to use, the procedures are so complicated and they think the school library is the only place for students. So there are few people using it. It Should be the place that everybody shares the knowledge and information not for only specific person?

Finally, it needs fundamental measure. Here is an example. Wonkwang University has opened the library to the local residents since 2001. Hence the thing the UOS can do is to examine the number of potential users firstly and extend it gradually. And then make a library card like student ID card to the local residents. However, it should not be harmful for undergraduate students to use the library.

As previously stated, our gymnasium was used only for the PE classes and students whose affiliation is Dept. of Sports Informatics. The gymnasiums are also insufficient in our country.

So university gym will be the best sports center in the town. Many people can hold it in common if the facilities fix a little bit and the door opens to the people. The University of Iowa, which opens fitness club ─ gym of school for 24 hours everyday is a good case. They make tracks to run, swimming pool to swim in and various exercises things to do. Accordingly, the UOS gymnasium must be opened to everybody by fixing and expanding facility.

As a result, local residents or anyone would use easily the gym or various exercises. Like the library card, the gym card will be the good way.

Our university has not the same system like that of foreign universities ─ University Towns, but to play a role in cultural spaces like other countries not only open the buildings but also develop diverse cultural programs. The UOS has many programs, such as festivals, concerts and opera under the sponsorship of the UOSians. However, the most important thing is that it should be the program with residents together.

Also, foreign universities, such as Harvard, Cambridge, Heidelberg open a lecture to local middle and high school students. Of course, it is not a lecture with university students, but that kinds of programs will be welcomed under lots of private intercourse fees.

Open University, not just for name, it must need more practical plans. But to be such a University City will be hard under our education system. Anyhow if we extended the open spaces arrange programs variously to the local residents who live in Dondaemun-gu, the UOS could influence more and more on the community. Each of them is the way the UOS can get in with the community and settle down as a cultural space.
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