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International Civil Servants
Park, Soo-youn Junior Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
What are the International civil servants?

International Civil Servants is staff who belong to UN and other international organizations and execute the official duties. They are divided into three types according to job specifications.

▷ Professional Staff : They work in a center of bureau and play a role of management and supervisor. They can be classified into Secretary-General, D-2 (Directors), D-1 (Principal Officers), P-5~P-4 (First Officers), P-3~P-1 (Assistant Officers).

▷ Technical Assistance Project Personnel : UN and other International organizations should give a technical aids and guidances during a certain period of time to develop and support countries.

▷ General service : They are employed in a field such as secretary, typist, driver etc.

How do they recruit new staffs?

In the case of completion of staff? term of office, retirement from office, transfer to a other department, UN employ new staffs on a irregular basis. So competitions for International Civil Servants adoption is very competitive.

1. National Competitive Recruitment Examination

UN takes the principle of geographic distribution, based on the amount of share in expense of staff organization. They employ staffs from people among nations below expense shares in comparison to the desirable ranges.

Korea belongs, till 2000, to normal-desirable range nation. But in 2001, The increasing of the share of expense rendered Korea classified under- represented nation. So the first half of the year in 2002 and 2003, UN employ the talented applicants. But you have to wait for the chances to be employed in the organization. Because the expense share is not raising likely to happen to us. Exactly UN didn? employ staffs quite a while.

2. JPO (Junior Professional Officer)

It is a system that started in 1996. Nations choose the native compatriots and dispatch for a specific organization and work in similar terms with regular staffs. But they are not regular staffs, so after 2 year of dispatch periods, 100% re-employment will not be guaranteed. It choose 5~7 applicants in a year and dispatch with the ample hope for reemployment after 2 years.

For listen the International Civil Servants?story, The UOS Times interviewed Shin, Jung-hyun who worked in GMTCS (Guyana Marin Turtle Conservation Society).

International Civil Servants has many merits and charms such as in stable status, high pays and relatively high social well-fare conditions etc.

But after interviewing with her, I think it much more attractive and charming to help the poor more around them and contribute to the world peace and cooperation.
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