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Ariungerel Came from Mongolia
Han, Kyung-kun Cub-reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Name: Tseden-ish Ariungerel
Nationality: Mongolia
Major: Dept. of International Relations
Attended school in Mongolia :
Mongolia National University
Age: 24

Family: One elder sister, one younger sister and parents
Hobby: Traveling

How did you begin to study in the UOS?

I met Korea through its language. When I was in Mongolia, I met Korean as a foreign language. That experience turned into the opportunity to come to Korea and I began to attend Yonsei Korean Language Institute for a year. But I wanted to study more deeply. So among some universities in Korea, I applied for the UOS.

I like atmosphere studying hard. I like tidy and calm surroundings - not like Yonsei University. It was different from my homeland. Especially, it gave me a big impression that the Central Library was always full of people.

What was your first impression on the UOS?

Mongolia is located in the Middle East Asia. Its weather is clearly divided between hot summer and cold winter. It? similar to Korea that there are intensive developments around the metropolitan area. However, still lots of people remained as pastoral in rural districts. Most people believe Lamaism which was orignated from Buddhism in Tibet.

Since Mongolia has been affected from Russia and Europe, people are more open-hearted than Korean. Also, people look carefree because they have been influenced by their pastoral forefathers. Majority of collegians are not anxious about their future seriously. They often go to the night club or hold a home party in free times.

Would you introduce your homeland?

Did you have some difficulties
living in Korea?

On the first visit to Korea, I was not able to have anything. Because most Korean foods were too hot and spicy to eat. So I ate only hamburgers for a few weeks.

But now, I can eat most Korean foods.

Every period of registering for a course, I fell into an awkward position. Because I wasn? able to access the UOS homepage with my student number. In that situation, I couldn? help going to school personally to select my favorite class. But when I got to school, the class I had wanted outnumbered. In the end, I had to attend a lecture that I never thought of.

In every vacation, I visited my hometown but during the semester I couldn?. So I use international telephone service almost everyday. It? too much to pay the call charge. Then I always think I should call less. Nevertheless, it doesn? work.

Could you tell me your future plans?

I want to enter the graduate school. As I? a student, my present? goal is doing my best to schoolwork. While I stay in Korea, I wish to acquire many things that couldn? gain in my country. Next, I would like to go to the graduate school. As well, I will learn various languages and make the tour of world.

Please leave a message for foreign students
who will enroll in the UOS

Congratulations on your beginning of campus life in the UOS! I think there are so many adversities and confusions on you, because of differences between Korea and your homeland. However, I believe you can overcome them. It? good for you to only study hard, but I want you to feel various Korean cultures at the same time. I want to advise you not only to stay in Seoul, but also to travel all around Korea. To do that, you must study Korean very hard.

Through the interview

On account of her fluent Korean language, it was hard to believe the truth that she is a foreigner. Through the interview, I was able to feel close relationship between Mongolian and Korean with her appearance, and sympathize with her hardships in studying overseas. Despite sudden appointment and unexpected questions about half an hour, she smiled all along. Thanks for her kindness.
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