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FlashMob : Spend 7 Days For 7 Minutes
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
On November 9th, 6:13 p.m. finally, the fifth Seoul FlashMob was held in Insa-dong. For the play, hundreds of people and managers prepared FlashMob for 7 days. I also applied for it and prepared with other participants.

On that day, I got off the subway and then spoke password ─ ?iss me壇?to moberators who led the FlashMob play. So, we could receive a FlashMob direction paper. Also many people who wanted to play FlashMob could receive it by speaking password. Hundreds of people who had the direction paper scattered far and wide.

The participants in FlashMob who are called mober didn? need to have anything and they didn? have any special purpose. Many young people, children and families were crowded in the Insa-dong streets. No one could think that they participated in FlashMob play. Very naturally they enjoyed the moment. When the clock struck 6:15pm, the mobers ─ families, friends, and sweethearts without classification ─ ran after moberators.

The mobers crowding a street participated in FlashMob. For 7 minutes, this play was held at the entrance of Insa-dong with the title ─ ?pen the Dongdaemun.?Moreover many journalists flocked into the play. To my surprise, every participant followed the direction paper. When it was 6:21 p.m., it finished quickly as if nothing happened.

We don? know why people played such a play and what the purpose was. Because they did not want to be interviewed, we were not able to know their thoughts about the play. In the last FlashMob, the mobers performed the Matrix which the people imitate actor who performed in the movie and the Sichenori which people act like dead men. These were not open to public.

The rule was that with no prior notice. They continued to lead enjoyable and interesting play with various topics. As a brand new cultural trend, perspectives that gain attention from many people are varied about the play.

I wanted to know why they played FlashMob. However, the obvious thing was that they enjoyed FlashMob as a play itself. Also they have some rules. First, FlashMob did not have political, social, commercial purposes, and it did not have any special meaning in it.

Second, this play had no harms. And they must not throw the wastes, break facilities, fight, and despise others. Third, they respected mutual anonymity. Finally, they did not speak the word, ?lashMob?during the play.

Through FlashMob, many people got rid of their stresses. They could get a special experience out of their daily routine life. So, interests and participants were on the increase. And FlashMob has been expanding throughout the country - Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Kyungnam, Kangwon etc. Many people will consider it as one of the important play culture in Korea.

FlashMob play give healthful smiles to many other participants and audiences. Mobers and moberators spend 7 days for 7 minutes playing the FlashMob. It doesn? mean merely the waste of time. Don? you think that giving pleasure is a hidden purpose of many participants and audiences connected with FlashMob?
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