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We Want More Courses and Departments!
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

* Subjects of survey - The 100 UOSians
* Duplication of answer was permitted.

What do you want as a new department in the UOS?
① Medical science departments (Dentistry, Oriental medicine, Nursing etc.)
② Media-related departments (Mass communication, Drama film, Visual media etc.)
③ Educational departments (Korean language, English language or Mathematics education department etc.)
④ Language departments (Japanese, Chinese, French etc.)

Over half of the UOSians choose Medical science departments because making these departments would lead to school P.R. Most students made duplicated checks, even some respondants checked all departments.

What do you want as a new course in the UOS?
① Physical training ② Basis science
③ Media ④ History and Philosophy
⑤ Nature ⑥ Culture and Art
⑦ Foreign country culture ⑧ The others

It shows a regular distribution. Some students wanted Taekwondo as a martial art, self-protection skills or future job requirements.

Why general courses are lacking?
① Shortage of school? supports
② Shortage of students
③ Shortage of the number of professor
④ The others

Most students thought that it is shortage of school? supports and they are dissatisfied. Another opinion was that the UOS has the less number of departments.

Do you want more courses? Then, do not wait or hesitate for someone to help you! Every UOSian must have more concerns and requires the university to have more courses and departments strongly. The UOS should realize students?desires and demands, and then reflect them in the curriculum.
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