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Necessity of Making University Accessible
Yoon, Hong-sun Cub-reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
We have forty millions of people only in South Korea, the small ground. For the reasons of resource shortages and poor geographical conditions, many people have been suggested for a long time that the only competitive power that we have is human strength.

University is a very important and precious place where students of ability are achieving their dreams and obtaining knowledges. To develop their universities, and expand the national power as a first aim, they continuously tried to make better graduates for the future.

To achieve it, we need to assess and pick up brilliant young students from the very starting point. So universities are trying to make various types of methods and procedures to select the best among applicants. Though it may be important to pick up the best students, fundamentally the universities should make themselves much more attractive to the students.

The key point is that they should make much attractive universities that every student want to enter. In that sense, nothing is more important than publicity outside the school.
But our university is remarkably short of such efforts in comparison to other universities.

When I was in high school, I did not know the existence of ?niversity of Seoul.?Also I had a difficulty in approaching the entrance information. There was no pamphlet generally common in other university. This is not the only case for me. The same thing goes to most freshmen.

Lately, I can see our school? newly-published pamphlet. I was little surprised at the pamphlet first, but after reading it, I found many problems. I was disappointed with simple introduction of departments and its history. It did not reveal the detailed information of the UOS effectively. There were no specific formats that could attract the attention and make students familiar with the university.

?orea University?published a magazine about the entrance information named ?KU (Okay, You).?The outstanding point was that it provided hot issues among teenagers, school introduction, entrance plan and even helpful information, such as world of vocations and special themes. They tried to get closer to the readers by dealing with familiar issues.

We need to refer to these exemplary cases of other schools, and prepare fresh and remarkable publicity materials and strategies without a day? delay. Recently, the headquarters of school seemed to recognize these trends, so the UOS held ?chool slogan contest.?This is desirable for presenting concrete endeavors from the starting point.

The 21st Century is the time when an age of people who have plenty of information and skills lead the society. To take these creative leaders into our school, why don? we inform that ?he UOS?is the best place to make them grow up with a vision for the future?
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