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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Can you believe that the verb KNOW is widely used in Konglish?

Do you know King Sejong?
I know President Roh.
I know Africa.

Surprisingly, the above-mentioned sentences are all Konglish !!
The English verb ?NOW?is mainly used to talk about knowledge that comes from direct personal experiences, expressing the fact that one knows something thoroughly and wholly. This is different from the Korean usage of the verb which can be used for showing the state of knowing something superficially.

Particularly when you use any person? name as the object of the verb in English, it means that you are acquainted with him or her. Have you ever met King Sejong or President Roh? May be not.

So, the first and second examples are incorrect expressions. However, you probably know them indirectly by reading books or learning the history. So, what should you say? The expression ?now about~?would be correct in this case. And, if you would like to talk about some ?lace?which you have indirect knowledge of, you should also use the phrase ?now about~,?unless you have actually visited that place.

Do you know King Sejong? (×) Do you know about King Sejong? (○)
I know President Lincoln. (×) I know about President Lincoln (○)

Finally, suppose you are talking about somebody who is not famous historically, or is not on terms of intimacy with you, such as your remote relative. You surely know of his/her existence, but have not met him/her.

Then, you should use the expression know of~.?

I know of a remote relative, who once was a professional soccer player.

To sum up, there are three situations for using know.?

So, do you know the usage of the verb ?NOW?or do you know about the usage of the verb KNOW??

1) When you know something/somebody from your own direct
experiences, you should use,
2) When you know something/somebody indirectly
(for instance, through reading books), you should use,
3) When you know about somebody but they don`t know about you,
you should use,
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