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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Have you ever read this magazine, The UOS Times, which is an English newspaper at the University of Seoul(UOS)? Not yet? And have you ever seen this magazine before? Again, not yet?

Then, did you even know The UOS Times existed at the University of Seoul? Is the answer there no, once again?

As the new semester begins, the campus seems to be more energetic and vigorous than ever. Above all, all the clubs (dongari) are enthusiastically signing up new members. Everything can seem a bit confusing for freshmen. Now I will introduce one nice and cool club to you. As you probably know, The UOS Times is not so much a club as an organ for university opinion. Let’s look out The UOS Times minutely.

The UOS Times publishes the only English magazine on campus?
That’s right, that’s right!

The UOS Times is a part of media network on campus, which also includes a university radio station, and a Korean newspaper office. By creating and developing the culture of our university, this English newspaper office is fulfilling its fundamental mission of expression, contributing to the improvement of students’ English learning and advertising our university to the outside world.

The English newspaper office does not actually publish a weekly newspaper but a quarterly magazine, because English composition is very difficult and the task of publishing is a tough and hard one. The main task of The UOS Times is publishing a magazine, four times a year.

It may cause you some difficulties that the magazine is written only in English. However, written expression in the magazine is not too difficult the students of UOS because it is pretty easy, plain and widely used language.

So you can read it easily and enjoy the articles. The news items have a lot of varieties; ranging from the life of university students to hot issues on the economy, culture, and international events.

In particular, the articles on campus life strike a chord with college students. They are very useful and practical. For example, there are tips for the time when you are dating, and recipes for ramyun.
In addition, when international events happen on campus, The UOS Times’ reporters go out to the venue and cover the events and sometimes take photographs. The magazine is trying to keep its finger on the pulse.

Besides, all sorts of events have been held every year by The UOS Times, including a ‘Competition on Hunting Information’.
Four years ago, The UOS Times hosted a tetris tournament.

So, is The UOS Times only about studying?
Certainly not!

The reporters from The UOS Times travel our country from end to end two or three times a year. In particular, during summer vacation, the reporters do membership training in mountain and valley locations. These pictures were taken during summer training where reporters overcame physical challenges and excavated a track by themselves. During summer training, they coimbed Mt. Chiak and traveled by boat along a ravine.

There were times when they felt like giving up, but they were determined to overcome their mental and physical fatigue.

I am sure this training and travel together improved the relationship between juniors and seniors. This is a really good aspect of The UOS Times. The UOS Times emphasizes open and sincere relations between reporters. This English newspaper is not high-brow but a truly human place.

In addition, The UOS Times athletics tournament is held on every August 15th. At this athletics meeting, they play soccer, basketball and so on. Seniors regularly come and talk to juniors about social issues such as how to succeed in our society.

And every December, an alumnus reunion is held. On this day, they reminisce together on all the events and work of the English newspaper and make a commitment to continue improving the work of their office.

So that’s a brief introduction to our university press, The UOS Times. The press is not something distant from us. It represents our life. Continued interest and participation by readers will help keep us doing sincerely.

Ordinary university students like you or me make The UOS Times. It needs our support and interest. If you become a reporter of The UOS Times, it will be a wonderful experience.
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