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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
It is a very dark and late night. Mr. S, who cooks for himself, is very hungry. At that moment what kind of food comes to his mind? It is none other than ¡®Ramyun¡¯. Simmering it in a pot, adding some chopped leek and finally breaking an egg into it, it can make a superb meal. It is a food which is very easy to cook and is very familiar to everyone in Korea, regardless of sex or age.

In particular, it is a wonderful meal for students who cook for themselves and for student boarders. The days when ramyun was eaten only Kimchi are over. These days we can enjoy a wide variety of ramyun dishes that are both nutritious and tasty. ¡°Hungry people, enjoy a lot of various ramyun dishes!¡± To help us explore the world of ramyun, there are some useful websites dedicated to this wonderful food.


Typical ramyun includes ¡®Sinramyun¡¯and ¡®Neoguri¡¯, two brands which are produced by the company Nongshim. Nongshim also runs the ramyunzzang website, which gives you an introduction to ramyun at a glance. For example, under ¡®Ramyun anatomy¡¯ you can find out about ramyun in detail and in all its variety.

¡®House of ramyun¡¯s third daughter¡¯, which you would never guess the content of from the name alone, presents ramyun recipes and draws its name from the traditional Korean idea that the third daughter is stereotypically handy in the kitchen and pretty. Unlike other websites, this presents ramyun recipes classified according to nutrition, calorie content and snackstyle. In addition, it is rich in information on recommended ramyun restaurants, ramyun fans, personal recipe, questionnaires and so on.


This is my personal favorite website. Ramyunboy, a character like mashimaro, appears in it, along with other cute cartoon characters. Ramyunboy really likes ramyun and wears a red ramyun bag and shouts “Ppokeul Ppokeul Go!” to lead you into the webpage.

If you look at the characters carefully, you’ll see that all of them are actually ramyun ingredients: cold boiled-rice, mushroom, garlic, egg and so on. It is very cute. Of course, they have funny names too. There are also ramyunboy flash screens, pictures and various ramyun recipes. This is the best website if you want to learn some ramyun recipes and watch funny flashy things.


When you enter this webpage, you can see two nice cartoon characters made up of ramyun noodles and chopsticks. And it is very interesting to see what they have a chat about. This is a homepage prepared by just one person; however it is organized very well. As you click on the two cute characters, you can enter the main screen. It brings up a restaurant menu and there is detailed information about ramyun which would be new to most people.

As well, there is a list of ramyun companies¡¯ homepages, so we can find out which company¡¯s ramyun we have been eating unknowingly all along. You can also get a feeling for how much the webmaster really likes ramyun by checking out the notices on the main page.

At this website, you can see various and funny ramyun dish names. And you will be surprised at the number of different kinds of ramyun dishes such as ‘Potato ramyun’, ‘Han River ramyun’, ‘Ramyun shaking head pat-a-cake’ and so on. Some of them have flavors you can¡¯t imagine, but you can also have fun with the unusual tastes. It contains a surprising amount of information that has been compiled from other webpages.


Samyangfood is a well-known website like Nongshim. You can enjoy not only Samyangramyun but also other various foods that are produced by Samyang. If you want to know more about ramyun, click on the ¡®Noodle World¡¯ icon. This also provides a lot of information on everything from the history of ramyun to recipes. It is a useful webpage in its own way but it might look a bit sparse compared with other site like Nongshim.

Snack food of perfect nutrition

This is a homepage created by a man who really likes ramyun. It is neat and tidy. It includes not only ramyun recipes, but also other practical recipes using corn and tuna. You can find information on how to cook ramyun dishes such as ‘Doenjang ramyun’, ‘Broiled ramyun, ‘Bulgogi ramyun’, ‘Ramyun matang’. This is a website not so strong on substance, but it is suitable if you just want to cook and eat ramyun, because it is simple and clear.
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