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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Sunshine is getting bitter and bitter noticing the beginning of summer. And various events have been announced by way of the wall bills, for example, walking tour. We can see our friends who are busy preparing for the tour held by the UOS.

Although all of them are in agony to make a plan, they look so happy with their exciting plan. And they seem to expect something to learn through it. This travel will take almost one month, and its formalities are complex and difficult during the preparation period. Are these things an essential part of the travel? Of course they aren’t.

Travel is not a great thing as you think. When you are awakened in the morning as usual, or you are so busy that you can’t get out of your work, you really want to go away. However, most of them simply end up with thinking, because it looks impossible to leave behind a lot of work. If you ignore your work, there are still other problems remained.

Where should I go? Or what should I prepare? Likewise, you should spend some time and return to your daily life with inconvenience. However, I want to tell you to give up the part of your daily life if you really want to travel to other countries. Obviously, it is worth trying.

People who have travel experience would know the reason. Have you seen people who say, ‘I should have not gone there yesterday...’ while doing their arrears of work? Most of them may not, I think. Maybe, comparing today with yesterday, you can find something different in terms of inner resources, because you once have been to other places.

New and strange places make us have a different point of view about ourselves and other things. We can see the things that we usually cannot notice in our daily lives because it is so close to us. When you walk along in a strange place, you may regret your behaviors thinking such as ‘Why did I behave like that?’.

And it is also good to walk with being lost in picturesque scene without thinking since we are living our daily lives with thinking much. In this summer or whenever, try to go anywhere, but do not think about the travel in a big way. It doesn’t need to be a travel with big plan, and much money, but a short trip in a small scale.
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