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Where Is Your Diary?
Ryoo, Seul-gi Cub-reporter  |  slegya@nate.com
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
You will hit upon “diary” if you need somewhere to write down something. Then, you may want to share it with others or want to appeal yourself through it. There are people who keep a diary and draw cartoon to let themselves be known to somebody. It’s a small but pleasant discovery of our life. We can be in sympathy with each other and get access to others’ thoughts. Let’s look for and visit their room. And we can try to make up our own room.

Introduce the site that more 90% of the site is formed of text, that is very touching! WALKSLOW www.walkslow.com There are menu icons on the top of the page with this phrase, ‘Walk slowly, staring at you’. The host, Iz(Israel) Yoon(Yoon, Seon-min).

We can find him an extraordinary man on his profile. The confident answer ‘walkslow¡¦ the best brand’ about the question ‘My favorite brand is¡¦?’. You probable will envy him for having his own room, gathering people there and the name of site he has. His diary is always rich in contents. There is a place where his trivial thoughts are put.

‘Irresponsible Compilation’, having literally ‘irresponsible’ name, is on the menu. The host uploads self-compilation albums which he made gathering of several songs with its CD jacket. Pictures taken on Lomo (a kind of camera) are also there with some impressive sentences. His poems let us know he is also a good writer. May this site grow and be popular because of his talented writing. But he insists that the popularity of his site comes from his nice ‘appearance’.

Follow sites have a funny picture diary SNOWCAT HOME www.snowcat.co.kr The host in here actually publishes Snowcat cartoon serially in magazines. We don’t know who he is. We can just enjoy his routine events through his diary Snowcat. Since he draws pictures with his own hands, diary is not uploaded daily. We should ask more diligency of him! Diary is the most impressive content but his cartoons also have fun. It makes us smile from his unique idea.

Flash movies and menu box containing his favorites are also good. It will be fun to download the items like calenders, icons, screensavers those sometimes uploaded with the host’s service. Mapi’s Attic www.mapi.co.kr I think the master of this home has been much impressed with Snowcat. Type of diary and entrance page are similar to it.

However, you can find another unique world here. There is also a brilliant idea in the section of master’s diary. Sometimes the master makes up cartoons about thoughts of her life or fairy tales.

Most fantastic things are the names of each menu. One of her sub-menu of her profile is named, call master here ; her diary, speak alone ; freeboard, blah-blah-blah club, and so on. Isn’t it a good idea? Mapi is made by picking out ‘Mabeop-piri (magic pipe)’. It is not ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’, not Mozart’s ‘Die Zauberflote (magic pipe)’, just a pipe which breathes new life into a toy in Britain folk tale. How about meeting that pipe?

MARINEBLUES www.marineblues.net Already a well-known character, Marineblues, it has been published. Also, mobile game and phone accessories have come out. In Seong-gae goon’s diary, Meong-gae goon, Moon-eo yang, Jjuggumi couple, Bulgasari goon show their images making us laugh and smile. Seong-gea goon’s diary guarantees 100% of attendance. Its substance is so good.

Marine blues, add it your bookmark! BBURN.NET www.bburn.net It contains Cat Bburn’s tale, cartoon, poemtoon and Perytail (means fairytale). We can add short sentence to reply to master’s drawing. Many people do that. So such replies are actually tremendous. The most popular menu is Perytail. The master’s motto is ‘a spoon scoop up hope in lonely mind’.

Photo tales and flashmovies are also interesting. Let’s go to BBURN.NET! I have my room, too! It’s blog What’s this? What is blog? This is a word compounded of ‘b’ of ‘web’ and ‘log’ and also the website where anyone who is interested in something uploads his or her diaries, columns or articles.

The merits of this site are that blog is easy to upload both text and multimedia materials and also easy to form a strong network based on the contents as time goes by. Compared with other individual sites or community boards, blog is connected each other. It brings a huge total bulletin board into on-line. These days blog plays a role of ‘one person media’ well with merits like these.

It gives us fun like addiction. Fall into blogging! www.blog.co.kr- It is a first blog site in Korea. By joining in this site, you can make your own blog site. Network among the sites is stronger than any other. www.blogin.com- On this site, you can also make your site. This is more individual than the previous -ly stated site.
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