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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Watch out! You, who think the UOS is just a place for a nerd! Even though there are hundreds and thousands of people who imagine our school is full of greasy grind, but there are people who do their own style of music. They pursue to make their voices heard through it. They are the Tru-Hz! The name is a compound word of ‘Tru’ meaning true and ‘hertz(Hz)’ meaning voice.

Putting these words together, Tru-Hz represents the true voice and mind through hip-hop music, which is yet one of the minority genres in Korea music industry. Tru-Hz started in 2001 by Joo, Young Chan, who is in the class of 2001. He was the first man to search for the hip-hop maniacs whom were alienated place to place.

And in the year of 2003, the number of the members reaches about 40 to 50 and around 170 people are registered at their homepage. Judging from its number they seem to be one of the major clubs in UOS.

The club consists of two kinds of members. One for performance and the other for understanding music. All of its members get together at least once every week to enjoy music by listening to and doing it. And since they perform about 10 times a year, the performance team seems to meet more often.

Especially for the performance team, it is pretty amazing how they mange to write songs and lyrics all by themselves. Yet there are obstacles that needed to be cleared. They hope that their music will be the one of everyone. They are trying to tell the people about this new culture and trying not to possess it as if it’s their own in a very natural and in their unique way.

Although the history of their activity is quite short and on account of it there are many physical obstacles, they have to be faced with it. But there is no doubt that their passion for the music is solid and getting stronger. May be it could be time for you to open your eyes and ears to this new vitality and try to feel the groove with it.
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