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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
What was the motive that helped you to choose a job such as special teacher? It’s not that special. I chose this with the help of my own faith and parents’ encouragement. But while I studied about Special Education, I realized how much I was ignorant about it. How did you overcome the prejudice that our society has toward handicapped people when you chose this job?

To be honest, when I first met them, I felt just like other people. But as I kept seeing them, their innocent and pure hearts moved away the prejudice I had before. Are there any episodes while you are teaching handicapped people?

I have many. A lot of curiosity-seeking and interesting things happen when I teach. But it is difficult to tell you because I have to explain a lot of background informations in order for you to understand. But once I was teaching fourth grade class of students, I made a child to write a daily diary and the child had strong autism. Her diary began with a sentence ‘I did something and something today’ and it ended with the same one.

But one year after, when she became a fifth grader, she finally got rid of those sentences. I cannot forget the joy that I had at that moment. Are there any ways to make a smooth and friendly relationship with them? It’s sincerity.

I don’t think concerning and caring for another person necessarily means serving unconditionally. They might not appreciate your help if you just assume what kind of help they need. Instead, ask them specifically what they need to be helped, and then help them.

And of course, it’s only possible if they can communicate with you. Do you have anything to say to the people who want to be a special teacher? Or are there any methods of helping handicapped people by the occupations relating to Special Education? Special Education doesn’t require a blind love or sacrifice.

So it is not the same as a protective institution. If you want to major in special education, do it after you visit agencies of special education and arrange your thoughts and feelings about it.
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