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Cool Ways to Feel Europe
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Students who will make a travel to Europe supported by the school this summer may be so excited. Beyond the feelings of excitement, preparing for it will not be easy as it sounds. If you want to make a cultural trip rather than a side sightseeing, you should be faithful to the proverb, “You can see as much as you know”. So why don’t you start preparation for the culture trip to Europe?

The way to appreciate the works of art There are lots of people who go to famous art galleries but don’t spend enough time to look around, just because they don’t know how to appreciate the works. Of course we can understand some works that we have seen in the textbook.

But except them, we cannot understand many pieces of art if we don’t know about their backgrounds or the name of artist. If we study about the works before we go to the gallery, we can enjoy them very much. Now we will see the following paintings from different points of view.

1. For what purpose did they draw the paintings?

If you see Spanish wall-paintings in a cave (look at No.1), you can see wild oxen which are full of the image of life. Scholars told that oxen were drawn, because people believed they could catch a real wild ox if they drew oxen in their house. In early days, paintings were drawn in the church (look at No.2) to make people easily recognize Jesus and the people who were saved by him. As you know, at that time people didn’t know letters but they understood pictures clearly.

Compare to these, Bronzino’s painting (look at No.3), who drew Venus and Cupid, tell us their love is not only pleasure but also jealousy and falsehood. Jackson Pollock’s painting (look at No.4) shows his creative activity and physical energy. We can also see artist’s spirit and his physical movement when he fully devotes himself to the product of his work.

2. What is the culture which makes artists’ works real?

A Spanish wall-painting in a cave (look at No.1) shows that the first stage of the human race was made of wandering to gather foods and living in the cave.

Bronzino’s painting (look at No.3) shows the nobility was polished with intelligence so they became weary. They enjoyed riddles and used art to elaborate their games. We can read these facts in this painting.

Pollock’s painting (look at No.4) shows that artist’s freedom and creativity that reject the privileged class.

3. How actual the painting is?

Artists have been desired to imitate nature. In the case of No.2, it was intended to make people easily understand Bible, they put Jesus’ hands in the center of the painting because He is the kernel of the story.

Also they care about neither the perspective nor the natural description of people. After the invention of a camera, it is no more use to think about how actual the paintings are.

4. At the point of design

Bronzino’s painting is precisely organized into a rectangle, showing stability.

And the painter uses icy colors to emphasize on coldness and strictness. Through the analysis about the design of a painting we can understand its meaning and read the way in which the artist has intended in order to make an effect. Visit the traditional market will be a good way to meet various culture.

Europe has lots of street performance


When you make a travel to London, you have many chances to see musical performances. If you see ‘Phantom of the Opera’ or ‘Mamma mia’, your travel will be a very wonderful one. However, because the language barrier is so high that you cannot understand the musical, you’d better read the script in Korea.

If you have listened to the OST(Original Sound Track) of the musical and sing it with the actors or actresses you can feel another excitement. Also you can see operas in Wien and a doll play in Prague. Above all, you should not miss the street performances, for example, an aged man who is playing the violin or the people standing like statues.


Even though the border lines lie close each other in Europe, the life styles of the people are very different! The French are full of pride, the German are somewhat cold-blooded, etc. We can compare the Europeans’ real life with our own fixed idea with them. How about sitting on a park or riding a bus to see people and feel their culture?

If you want to travel Europe, get prepared. Finally, depending on your efforts you can find a real culture in Europe. If you don’t want to lose important things, you should study about Europe to make a enjoyable trip. Have a nice trip!
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