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Bicycle Road, Future Road
Hong, Seung-bum Cub-reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
‘Honk, Honk! Hey, you! Get out of the way!’ It is extremely deplorable to see such a ridiculous scene when we walk on a road. Hundreds of vehicles cause many accidents. Why should we live with these terrible sights? The misery that we get used to has been considered as nothing. We must urgently change the view of the traffic problem.

Now, we should think it earnestly, suggesting fundamental plans that can work about traffic accidents, about environment pollution caused by fossil fuel, economic losses caused by traffic jam, etc. Cars are everywhere, but not restricted to Korea. Then, why are there a number of traffic accidents so preponderant in this small country, Korea? On the contrary, why is it not the case in other countries?

It is a matter of consideration, which will help to solve the traffic problems in Korea. So, let’s examine one of the developed countries, Switzerland. In Switzerland, people usually think that vehicles are not much necessary. If it is possible, they rather walk, and hardly use their cars.

In the case of a long distance, they use a bicycle to go to a station and from the station they go to their destination by train. The government policies help people not to need to use cars. Well-paved roads for bikers make people use bicycles without any danger even in a rural district. And there are many bicycles of various kinds.

There is a bike which is made for a parent and a child, of which the front seat is for a parent and the back seat, for a child. And also there is a bike for two persons and even a baby carriage with it. It attracts people of all ages and both man and woman, to use bike conveniently.

In China, moreover, bicycles in rush hours cover a wide range of road in Beijing. It is a magnificent spectacle. In Japan, as with the bicycle parking facilities’ expansion, fifteen percent of the population use bicycles. In Netherlands, bicycle driveways sums up to thirty thousand kilometers and the half of their transportation vehicle is bicycle.

Also the government of Denmark succeeded early in encouraging people to ride a bicycle as usual. Yes! They use bicycles as their main transportation. And they have bicycle roads that make the plan possible. Every Korean knows its benefit and pleasure.

And it will be a refreshing activity. But the places are not enough to ride a bicycle in Korea. Who would gladly ride a bicycle on a road which is full of dust and contempt! The campaign ‘Let’s ride a bike!’, sounds like, ‘Let’s walk on the sea’ in Korea. How can we move if there is no road to run. Bicycle driveway!

I think it deserves a special emphasis at this point of time. Energy conservation, protection of environment, solution of traffic problem, affluent sense of citizen, if we satisfy with all the above-mentioned situation, we must act now.

I hope that the policy will not be limited somewhere around Seoul and some main cities. The policy must be applied to wherever we can enjoy riding a bicycle. One of the way to be a developed country may exist in the way of bicycles.
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