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[0호] 승인 2004.09.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Amateur Marathoner Profile

Name: Jung, Young-min
Grade and Major: Senior, Dept. of Environmental Engineering
Age: A top secret
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Special Talent: Marathon running
Personal Characteristics:Is positive in his various fields of activity.
Has many talents: e.g. sign language and photography.
Takes an important role in group activities.
Has a bright smile.
Is kind to people, even strangers.
Has a strong sense of responsibility and honesty.

Every edition of the People column will introduce the remarkable UOSians. This time, The UOS Times interviewed Jung, Young-min, who is an amateur marathoner and a senior majoring in Environmental Engineering.

His motive of starting marathon running
When I started marathon running, I was a sophomore in the university. I wanted to do everything I was interested in, because I discharged from military service and the UOS was my second university.

I had so many difficulties and worries at that time that I decided to challenge myself through the marathon, and I also wanted to know my human limitations through it. At first, I prepared by myself for the half marathon (21.0975km). After that, I joined a marathon lovers’ society, and I could become really active and participated in major races. These days, I run in marathon races about ten times a year.

His strength management, training and present efforts
I steadily train for the marathon twice or three times a week. And I can exercise more eagerly because I not only exercise personally but exercise with the members of my marathon community. I can also meet various people and learn good lessons through my communication with them in the club.

I mainly use weight training for my strength management. Professional marathoners’ diet is fixed, but that of amateur marathoners is not. So I just eat a variety of food. And I have come to enjoy a wider range of food since starting this kind of exercise. I usually train in Yeouido Park, at Jungnang Stream, and in Seokchon Lake, which have beautiful surroundings and fresh air.

The meaning of the marathon to him

Actually, I enjoy marathon running as a time to think about myself amidst my busy daily life. While I am running a marathon race - regardless of the time, even for four or five hours - I have an opportunity to take the time to reflect on myself and look back on my life. Maybe because of these charms, many people call the marathon ‘addictive’ sport.

When I reach my limit, I think about the past, present, and future. So it gives me confidence that I can overcome the difficulties in my life, and it is very helpful to my psychological maturity. That is why I have never failed to complete a race since I started marathon running. Of course, this would have been impossible without my steady efforts and training.

His versatile abilities

I have learned sign language, and so far I have completed the advanced course. The UOS does not have a sign language club. So I learned it at Kyung Hee University. Nowadays, I am developing my talent of taking a picture in the UOS photo club. I’ve tried almost every kind of sports including mountain climbing and swimming with the enthusiasm of marathon running. But I also have a plan to learn scuba diving. I think I have to keep doing these sports for participating in a triathlon next year.

His future plans
Because graduation is in front of me, I have to prepare for getting a job. And I am preparing for a triathlon - finishing a fixed course within 18 hours by swimming, cycling, and a marathon in a row - that will be held next year. It is my earnest goal.

Through this interview with Jung, Young-min, reporter felt his passion and youthful energy. All through the interview, he told reporter that anyone could do everything if one makes a steady effort and do enough training.

And this maybe something one needs in this day and age. The harmony of beautiful nature and his image of training seemed like a movie scene. Considering his strong will and efforts, reporter is sure that he will get good results in a triathlon next year. Good luck to marathoner!
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