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Preparing for the Future Though the Programs
Shin, ByungCheol Junior Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2004.12.07  
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The University of Seoul (UOS) is taking new steps into creating ways for its students! The courses the UOS offers are the Discovery Courses for your Future (DCF), the Incentive Placement Skill (IPS), and the Self Leadership Program (SLP). These courses are different from other attempts made previously; it is more efficient and advanced. Also, it provides a clear pathway for those who need them.

The UOS common board at offers in-depth overview about when the courses are taking place. Anyone who is interested in raising their personal value may consider taking one of the available courses.

Learning to Plan My Own Future

I visited the internet and found out when and where the DCF courses are taking place.

When I entered the classroom, I was surprised to see the room full of students. The lecture was different from other lectures I have listened to before. The professor gave lectures full of good examples. He spoke to use about many people and their accomplishments. I was surprised with all the specific presentation data he brought. I learned many new strategies on how to be successful.

The professor asked the audience questions time to time. It made us look back and find out ways to solve the problems. Thus, it helped us find out what we are good at by ourselves. However, a disappointing part was that the facy that the audience was mostly composed of senior students. The classes are held on every Fridays, in the lecture rooms posted in the UOS homepage. More classes will take place next year.

Incentive Placement Skill; Upgrade Your Value

Do you want to raise your value? The IPS is the answer. The IPS stands for Incentive Placement Skill. It is a program for the senior studeats of the UOS. It was designed to give a realistic experience to students.

The IPS is distinguished from other programs in a way that it doesn’t teach a person how to succeed. It is the program about how to raise one’s value. Therefore, the course focuses on more useful and effective subjects. For instance, the course of ‘The Image Making’ offers students a time to look back at one and find out his or her weakness caused by first impressions. The lecture also teaches students the importance of impressions in social life.

Such information are valuable but can’t be obtained from regular courses the UOS offer. There are more various lectures in this program which will help students greatly. Interviews, written tests, and even English conversations are included in this program. To apply for the IPS, student`s pre-registration is required.

They either need to score higher than 500 in TOIEC or 30 in GPA. New classes will take place on next semester, therefore students who wish to take the lectures should prepare. So they can meet the requirements.

A Chance to Get Great Confidence and develop Your Dream!

The SLP was held in October against students of all grades. In an attempt to give students chances to promote their confidence, it was held as a camp for three days long.

A “Self Discipline” is the one word which describes the whole program. Participants of this program learn to take care of themselves and know what is important to them. They learn what is important in social life. The whole program is done in a very relaxing and happy environment.

Creativity is what the program emphasizes in teaching. For those who have not still set their goals, the SLP teaches them to create one. As Jack Welch, the CEO of the GE, said it is about tapping an ocean of creativity, passion and energy that, as far as we can see has no bottom as the shores. Creativity will help people find the career which they can satisfy the most.

If you aren’t sure what to do for your future, sign up for the SLP next year. If you think you are not ready for the career you’ve chosen, apply for the IPS program and upgrade your ability. And, if you think you are all ready to run into the world of competition, take a course of the DCF and find out the ways of succeeding. The UOS plans to fill the courses with more quality in the future.

But still, several problems remain. Not enough spaces in classrooms, and the lack of essential equipment are only small portion of the problems the UOS needs improving. With more careful preparations and quality, the program will help many of the participants on their journey to find their career. We await a more upgraded version of the courses in the coming 2005.
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