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Communication? No! Permunication!
Choi, Yoojin Editor  |
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[0호] 승인 2004.12.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
“Have you ever heard of ‘Permunication’ and ‘Pum-kin’?” These days, Cyworld and Blog, the mini-homepage sites enjoy popularity. Members of Cyworld have exceeded ten millions in number.

A survey shows that about 95% of the internet users which range from, 19 to 24 years old visit Cyworld. Big companies that made mini-homepage gained huge interests by satisfying people’s desire to express and show themselves to others. Its easy access is also another factor for its popularity.

As ‘one man one media’ gets spread more widely, many mini-homepage users do scrap to acquire contents of their homepage. People do ‘Scrap’, because it’s a very comfortable way to present new text and information frequently. Also, there is a ‘Scrap’ program in the mini-homepage program, so it makes People easier to scrap.

People who are doing scrap are called ‘Pum-kins’. After the ‘Pum-kin’ pops out, they show great influence on the Internet. The word ‘Pum-kin’ is made of ‘Pum’ and ‘kin’, the Internet slang meaning scrap and fun. The ‘Pum’ culture leads digital communication, spreading out gossip and information.

‘Pum-kin’ refers to anyone who enjoys ‘one man one media’, so their influence is enormous. This mini-homepage created an enormous synergy effect meeting people’s spontaneity and positiveness.

People even consider applying the ‘Pum’ culture concept to marketing plans. We have to take interests constantly because ‘one man one media’ can bring huge marketing benefit. It will be one of the marketing ways to spend less money and gain more.

The ‘Pum’ culture can create many problems including plagiarism. Thus we have to keep looking for appropriate ways not to offend copyrights and also meet people’s interests. All users’ etiquettes are also important.

Other people’s contents may be just a minor thing; however, they are filled with their thoughts and sincerity. Scrapping without creator’s permission or introducing their contents as personal work has to be stopped.

As the Internet becomes more and more important, the power of the Internet users gets more significant. Let’s hope that there will be ‘Pum-kins’ who can consider reflecting upon potential and control their behavior.
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