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Hacking! It Could Happen to You!
Choi, YeonKyung Senior Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2004.12.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
The Internet has continually been a hot issue since its invention decades ago. The uses of the Internet expanded at a rapid speed as the Internet got more momentum.

It has had lots of advantages but also brought about unexpected serious problems to the users. These days, no one is free from the exposure of personal information; hacking is prevalent all around the Internet world.

Hacking refers to the actions of accessing illegally to computer programs or the Internet websites to steal or destroy valuable data. Hacking is no longer limited to a special area and experts.

Before, hacking only occurred in important areas such as big companies or the government with great purpose by trained people. It was unusual problem to general people with obscured information. However, hacking is slowly expending to all users of the Internet, whether expert or novices. It is not just possible works of professionals but also of commons.

Anyone who knows how to use computer and could search data, also acquires the ability of hacking with just a little study on the cause. Whoever makes up mind can contact and get personal information of the others. There are even such websites as contain information of how to hack such as, and so on.

Not just this but also many kinds of free lectures are flowing around the web: the Internet Web Programming, FDISK and etc. These days, the Medias like newspapers and news have been announcing many cases of damage. The crime of hacking recorded 449 cases in 2000 but it rapidly grew up to 14,159 cases in 2003.

A common case is that close people like friends and lovers tried to find passwords to check up each other’s private life out of curiosity or distrust. Some people are using it as a retaliatory measure after broken relationships or to get back cyber moneys or game items which have been stolen.

Hiring hackers is not unique but popular; it is easy to find dozens of people asking for hacking by just entering a word like hacking password or password hacking in the searching sites. Professional hackers keep in touch with clients and deliver the specific ID and the password. They earn about 100 to 200 thousand won for each case.

It takes at least one or two days but at last everything gets complete in just one weak. Hackers are e-mailing photo files or music mail to the person who they want to find the information. If the ID owner clicks the file out of curiosity, the screen turn into fake login page and when he/she logs in, his/her ID and password are delivered to the hacker.

Sometimes, hackers use hacking programs such as ‘net bus’ or ‘school bus’ which are available for only 30 to 40 thousand won on an online mall. These kinds of contract business occur very covertly, so even the cyber patrol duty couldn’t take care of every single case.

In this reality, it could be really a grave problem to private computer users without having a good maintenance system. For your protection from the hacking, it is very important not to open the suspicious files, to change your password at a reasonable interval and to upgrade your maintenance patch frequently.
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