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What a Small Dog!
Ko, SungMin Reporter  |  peakzone@hanmail.net
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[0호] 승인 2004.12.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Wanting a small thing! How long have people wanted a small dog? We are surrounded with small things: slim PCs, cigarette case sized telephones, mini coffee pots, super small sized fish globes, and smaller than palm sized cellular phones.

Super small and light merchandise are those we could see anywhere in market now. These days the word ‘tiny’ embellishes living animals like a teacup dog.

The Origin of Teacup Dog

Dogs were made by scientific technology and genetic engineering. As a result, very small, light and cute dogs come into being in the world.

The teacup dog is just the same as usual dogs that we can easily see around us but with the different size. Because of the fascinating tiny dog, now the teacup dogs are born in a various kinds. There are all kind of dogs from big to small.

Wonders about Teacup Dog Wonder 1:Does the teacup dog have any health problems as it has been made by the genetic engineering?

A: No, breeding the teacup dog is just like raising an usual pet dog. It is rather easier because of its characteristics; it is scentless and little hair falls out.

Wonder 2:The size of a teacup dog, still keeps small as it is growing up?

A: Unfortunately, the teacup dog can get in a teacup for one or two months after they were born, but it can grow to the size as an usual small dog. Becoming a Leader of the Vogue The tiny cute teacup dog, which is extraordinarily small, drives people fall in love with it, after only just taking one look.

For sure you will smile by seeing a teacup dog in a mug cup. Sadly, diffusion of teacup dogs is not ready yet; it is difficult to see in a daily life. If you are delighted with a small thing, you may want a teacup dog. Just go out and look for a teacup dog, then your face will be covered with smile.
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