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You’ve Got an E-mail with Funny Domains!
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[0호] 승인 2005.07.06  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Park Su-kyoung
Junior Reporter

For most people who use computers, the first thing they usually check on the web is their e-mail. Many of today’s e-mail services through the Internet were born in proportion to the increase of people who use e-mail. I will present some new sites that will give you various domains.

Here, you can have domain like my Do you smell the fragrance of coffee in this ID? This site has a very useful function. For example, this service system can percolate the spam mail. If words like [advertisement], , (millionaire) show up, this site will automatically remove it for you in advance. You should transfer your e-mail address if you want to get an e-mailling service from other sites. But you can avoid the troublesome deleting spam mail one by one.

Here, you can get a domain that expresses your character effectively. On you can choose your domain that can indicate yourself by like your hobby, your values, and even your occupation. For example, people who like the color blue can make his domain People who make a business of nursing can choose something like There are also some cute domains like or One more strong point of this site that you really need check out is that they also offer 50MB for each person.

If you want, you can choose a very funny domain on this site. In e-mail, you can be a person of great stature. It will be very useful when you exchange e-mail addresses while having a chat with others on the Internet. For example, if you want to be treated as a tall guy (actually you are not) you can make your e-mail domain like and then your companion will think your height is really 190cm. You can even show your love of alcoholic drinks with domains like and It would be fun to visit this site.

Compared to other e-mail sites, this site have different function. Let me introduce them to you. How do you feel when you get an anonymous e-mail? You can send an e-mail to someone hiding in your domain, and get an answer, too. It may look useless.

But when you propose someone, of give advice sincerely, it will be valuable to you. There is one word or caution to you. Do not send any e-mails to people who remove them immediately if they do not know who sent it. Also, do not use this function to write in fun.

Now, after reading this article, do you have friends that come to mind? If you say yes, send your e-mail to them right now. It will be fun to show off your pretty e-mail address. I hope these sites are useful to you.
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