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Open Your Sexual Mind!
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[0호] 승인 2005.07.06  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
- Survey: What students of the UOS think about sexual issues?
- Interview with Lee Suk-kyoung. chief editor of @ zooma

Kim Soo-jeong

Mr. A, a student at H university, started to cohabit with his girl friend last year. His girl friend who had defied his idea at first is satisfied with their shacking up and saving dating cost now. Although they have not considered marriage seriously yet, they say, “We will marry if we can keep a successful cohabitation on.

And we are very satisfied with our living together now.” Mr. B, a freshman at University of Seoul, also lives with his girl friend after entering the university. He has not talked about his cohabitation in detail to others, but he looks happy and satisfied.

According to the survey conducted by Korea University, 5 students out of 100 have experience of shacking up with his(or her) girl(or boy) friend and more than 50% of respondents have positive attitude toward cohabitation. The survey of The UOS Times also shows that many students in the UOS give favorable replies to the questions with respect to sex ideology.

Our society is getting franker with sex

The increasing number of cohabitation shows us that our society is posing more open-minded attitude toward sex ideology. Moreover, these days couples who are living together talk frankly about their story to others. It exhibits that the consciousness of chastity has changed. Its value is getting down.

There are many performances and events related to sex on campus and feminine movements are also performed very actively. In mass media, some programs and talk shows show sex problems in serious attitudes that deal with sex freely. These surroundings prove that our society is getting franker with sex.

Positive trend around the campus

On the UOS campus, the Women’s Student Council(WSC) leads feminine movements. Student Counseling Center and the WSC held interesting events during the University Festival, Daedongje. They distributed students armlets that demonstrated their menstrual cycle. And we could see exhibitions about knowledge on sex.

The Menstrual Cycle Armlet teaches students about contraception naturally and it symbolizes that recent sexual ideology does not hide sexual realities from the public. The supervisor of this event, Jung-soon, Hong, who is an assistant of the Student Counseling Center, said, “This event was successful. Many students were interested in it and participated pleasantly.”

Last year, Kyungbook National University installed condom vending machines around the campus. There were very keen argues for and against the plan and finally the machines were placed around the campus. Condom vending machines mean not only our open-minded sex ideology but also our developed sexual senses.

We still have unsettled problems of sex crimes on campus. The WSC is struggling to make school regulations to prevent sex crimes and to establish a counselling office. In Seoul National University, a male student who had assaulted his female junior was expelled from the university for the first time. This case was a cornerstone that awakened not only college communities but also others including official positions, educational circles and others.

Unchanged problems and new problems

Have you ever been to a red-light district in Cheongnyangni near our university? According to the survey conducted by The UOS Times, you can find what our students think about Cheongnyangni. People have been arguing that those streets must be destroyed, and problems related with young street-girls have to be settled.

A few years ago, Kim Gang-ja, who was a police superintendent attempted to solve these problems and our society seemed to be concerned with the problem seriously. But some criminal cases related with young street-girls have happened for the past several years continuously. Concerns related with red-light districts receded from the public.

Many netizens have experiences to visit some porn Web sites through spams, pop-ups, banner advertisements and others. Those Web sites provide any users with very lascivious contents such as suggestive shows, moving pictures about sex affairs and other indecent contents thoughtlessly. But, for now, there are no positive solutions.

Survey results, women movements, and sexual programs in mass media show us that sexual ideology is creeping into our society. On our campus, various events about sex are held. And mature sexual minds are spreading, too.

But, are we going in a right way? It is not sure whether our society will be a positive open-minded society or not. There are some problems yet. Not only juveniles and children but also college students as adults do not have enough knowledge of sex. According to thesis under the title of “Six problems that occurred by sex ideology”, studied by WTO in 1986, “Although college students had sex education, those programs did not satisfy them.”

College students are free at sexual conditions. And they have mature body and spirit. Do not hide your sexual mind, and open your awareness of sex. And let’s think about what is the solution of sexual problems in our society.
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