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[0호] 승인 2005.07.06  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
The reporter interviwed a lecturer Lee Suk-kyoung, lecturer of the UOS and chief editor of @zooma, the Internet Webzine.

1. These days people often talk about sex ideology. How can we define `sex ideology’?

¡®Sex Ideology’ includes not only sex problems but also systems, cultures, one’s values and all about sex, that is, sex is related to all about our lives.

2. You were a college student in the 1980’s and you are a lecturer in the UOS. Do you think what has been changed in sex ideology?

In the 1970s and the 1980s, our society was very endocentric. There were not enough comrades and feminine cultures. Nowadays although there is not enough feminine culture yet, many women make positive feminine mood. The General Students Council(GSC) also helps this activity. It is sure that the voice of women is getting stronger. But, I am not sure how much this activity will affect other students.

3. It is true that our society is getting more open-minded to sex. But there are problems with this mood. What do you think the problems are?
Today, the hostility against sex is getting fainter and the awareness of sex is getting freer.

Stimulants like lewd Internet sites and lecherous illegal video tapes are available to many people including juveniles and college students. But, there is no appropriate solution. To make matters more miserable, their knowledge of sexual matters and information of contraception are short.

4. You give students lectures on ¡°Sex and Love¡± in the UOS. How do you think about atmosphere of the UOS?

I have been teaching in the UOS for 5 years. I think students of the UOS are mostly exemplary students. But, in class, girl students participate in discussion or speeches actively. Moreover students who have job know the realities of society very well.

It is impressive that students of the UOS look negative at first but as time goes by, they become very positive about my class.

5. Would you suggest any idea to make upright sex ideology?

We need to discuss the control of the sex instinct. It would be good to hold various events that inform women of the reality of life and lead women to consider their right and duty themselves. It is not right to force men to suppress their sexual desire. In conclusion, we need to be reeducated about sex ideology.

6. Lately, the number of cohabitation among college students is increasing, and a lot of students are not against it, rather they are favor of it. What is your opinion over this trend?

I am neutral of it. I know there are many couples who choose to live together as an alternative for marriage. And they also believe that they will learn many things through cohabitation before marriage. I think it would be a fresh challenge to couples who have firm belief in each other.

7. Thank you for answering questions. Lastly, do you have any comment to our students?

It is very impressive that students are trying to develop yourself eagerly in my class. I learn many things from students. I think they have much time to experience various things. Especially vacation is a good chance for them to experience special things. I hope you get a chance to become aware of yourself seriously while you are college student.
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