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DVD Is Arousing a Imaginative Power!
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[0호] 승인 2005.07.06  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Yoo Ji-youn
Junior Reporter

Have you ever used a DVD player? It offers a new world to us. It hallucinates you as if you are in a theater, and it offers various functions which video media systems cannot. The DVD of bilateral communica-tion starts with options from which you can choose lan-guages or stories, which is not possible from media since they play as encoded.

It provides excellent quality of picture, and a high quality of sound. The sound track of two channels has still confined to transmit a live ambience. But AC-3, a sound format of DVD-Video, has five speakers and a sub-woofer which enables us to feel the space and moving perception.

And the most different thing, compared with existing devices, is that it is possible to show 9 frames at a screen. Viewers select and watch one from nine optionally. We can choose one from eight languages and thirty-two nations’ subtitles. So if you want reflection for studying a foreign language, it is the most effective equipment.

You may have an experience to distaste a story of a drama or movie occasionally. This Multi-Story can realize your desire. Regardless of director’s intention, a film is often edited owing to producer’s demand. In a case like this both Theatrical Version and Director’s Cut are recorded in a title. Once the viewers choose which kind of version they want before playing a film, they can see a movie on their choice.

Director James Cameron’s Terminator¥± issued some times ago has at least three versions and this is one of the outstanding features of the DVD. Parents with children can get rid of obscene scenes during playing. If you make use of Parental Lock, you can restrict their choices to specific situations.

It solves another prob-lem, too. That is Multi-Aspect’s correspondence. The screen for theater use is longer than home-style ones. So we have serious limits with home sets in selection the screens. But the DVD can adjust to oneself TV’s screen as it corresponds with diverse picture ratio.
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