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Is this your first trip to Europe? If so, there are lots of things that you need to know. Life in Europe isn’t like the one in Korea. Here are some little bits of information to make your journey more enjoyable.

Things that are definitely needed to bring

Here is the list of things that are necessary but easy to forget to bring. First thing is emergency food. Actually it contains two meanings. One is the food that you should have when you are isolated or lost in some place. That will be things like Snickers and etc. It doesn’t have to be a lot but should have enough amount to bear at least one meal. The second is Gochujang or the soup of ramyun.

These will be great help to your trip, because you are likely to have bread in every meal, which makes you feel sick. The third thing is the Swiss-Army-knife, more known as Mcguire’s knife. You will find it useful during your trip. It can be used for from cutting things to defend yourself. The last thing that I would like you to have is a water pail. In Europe, drinking water is more valuable than other beverage because it contains calcium carbonate.

T/C vs Cash vs Credit Card

Money will be the most concerned. Earning money is a big problem for most of travelers but carrying a big money is the more big huge problem since we do not stay in just one place. One way to solve it this is carrying cash itself.

It is the most convenient form to use in other countries. You do not need to pay any commissions nor anyone can find the track of its use. However, it is also the most risky way. Cash can take huge space. Also there are lots of people wanting your money for free, and unfortunately Koreans are well-knowen for carrying much cashes. The second way is Traveler’s Cheque(T/C). It is the most safest way to carry.

Even if you lose it somehow, T/C requires two identical signatures that matche the one in your passport to change to cash and also it can easily be re-issued. Above all, you can buy(or exchange) other country’s money a little cheaper by T/C than cash. Of course, T/C needs to be exchanged to cash to use and needs to pay some commission. The third way is using credit card.

It is really the lightest way to carry around. It is so easy to use since it requires only one signature to buy things. However, credit cards also arise safety problem because huge amount of cash can be drawn out easily. In short, the best way to carry your money is to bring your money in various ways instead of carrying your whole money in a single form.


In most European countries, the transportation fee is more expensive than that of Korea. So it is better to buy special ticket that fits your trip. You can use them 10 times for weeks, for a month, and etc. Purchasing special tickets is usually cheaper than buying separate one-time-use tickets.

While every Korean subway line uses different platform, in countries like Great Britain, all the subway that passes a particular station uses the same platform of the station. So it needs your careful attention to get to the right one.
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