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What Is Leadership?
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[0호] 승인 2005.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Young-ah, Kim
Third grade, in Sun-Il Girls’ High School

My name is Young-ah, Kim, a student from Sun-il Girls’ High School. I am writing this essay to discuss the personal characteristics that appeal and challenge us with the advent of the 21st century.

Before I start, I would like to ask you a question, “What is the most significant traits that drive our generation in this era?”
Although many of you may think intelligence, money making, true friendship, viable information or proper education are significant factors in our lives, I firmly believe that the leadership changes and touches the lives of millions in this era.

The United States of America former president, Eisenhower said, “Being a leader is equivalent to conducting a symphony orchestra. His role as a conductor is to direct the orchestra into great harmony with respective musical instrument.”

I would like to interpret what he said like this. The leader is someone who inextricably links our future outlook and qualities.
Then what is leadership? Literally, its dictionary definition is the quality of being good at leading a team, organization or country.

However, the supreme quality of a leader is integrity. No real success is possible in a football match, army, or even in our school without it. A man can deceive his associates of his being phony but he can never succeed in his life. A man’s actions and words must be coincided each other.

Futhermore, the most powerful leaders of the past are those who have distinguished charisma!! Charisma is a strong personality that motivates other people to act. Let’s think about Martin Luther King Jr., the famous civil rights leader. He was the person who led the country with trust-worthiness and inspired millions of people. He took the initiative of bringing peace in America through non-violence movement.

Then what is the another gift a powerful leader has? To give you an answer for this, I like to mention about the anecdote of admiral Lee, Sun-shin’s episode. When he was on the verge of his death he said “Do not let the enemy know about my death! and act as if I am still alive.” This is the story of admiral Lee Sun-Shin who saved the Korean Peninsula from a great danger.

He dedicated himself to the battle with strong commitment and unselfish sacrifice. He sacrificed himself for the sake of victory over the Japanese navy.

From this historical fact, we have come to learn the great dispositions of leaders. To take Lee Sun-shin as an example, we can learn his bearing of responsibility to win the battle against the Japanese navy.

Being a good leader depends on how eagerly we discipline ourselves for keeping integrity, charisma, and responsibility.

These three elements are essential to a leader in the 21st century. With three traits in mind, teenagers including me who will be the leaders in 21st century should do their best to be powerful leaders, leading our country into a better place to live in, develop-ing our economy and making more opportunities to exchange cultures with others.

In short, I just want to say that we should have the three traits to conduct this orchestra called world into great harmony.
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