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[0호] 승인 2005.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Shin Dong-won
Junior Reporter

"I am seeing my boy (or girl) friend tomorrow but what clothes should I wear?”, “This interview is my last chance, so I must be accepted. What outfit would be good?” We think about clothes seriously when we go out. Clothes are a very important factor in this world.

When clothes suit someone well, we think they are very attractive and good. Otherwise we think they are strange and bad. Thus, wearing the right clothes is essential. This article is about how you can find clothes that suit you well and buy them easily.

“What is tomorrow’s weather going to be like?” Weather can influence your clothes and make-up. This site is related to weather. It shows tomorrow’s clothes based on tomorrow’s weather forecast. Moreover you can read about the day after tomorrow’s fashion, too.

Also it offers two types of fashion, and make-up information once a week. In particular, you can find out about star fashions.
Comments : You can coordinate with the weather. However, the coordinated clothes don’t suit all people.

How can you coordinate clothes with your body type? Who does this outfit suit well? This site explains everything for you.

It covers sensitive coordination, diet coordination, accessory coordination, jean coordination, washing and care methods. In particular, it covers basic coordination, color coordination, and coordination of subtle components as the first step in coordination. Above all, diet coordination is very useful for women.

For example, you can read about ways to coordinate if you want to have a small-looking face and slim-looking body. Accessories are very useful with clothes and you can read about them here too. Accessories have their matching points with different body types. So you should select suitable accessories - earrings, necklaces, and armlets - for the right situation. Clothes are not a throwaway thing.

Therefore you should pay attention to clothes and maintaining them. The way to do that is through the right washing and care methods. You can also read about these here.

Comments : Codycody is offered off-line information. Beginners can use it to coordinate easily, so it is very useful as the first step in coordinating. But this site does not have on-line counseling.

“Is my body ideal?” At this site you can check your body type and be advised by a coordinator. When you send in your vital statistics - height, weight, chest, waist, belly, hip, inner thigh, and calf measurements - this site offers to you the chance to check your body type, coordination, fashion, and ideal measurements. It also shows that the fat ratio of many modern people is a cause for concern. What about checking your body type at this site?

Comments : You can check your body type and find out your ideal fat ratio, coordination, and size. It also it offers you a coordination game and a coordination chat room. You can get on-line coordination advice cheaply and find out your ideal vital statistics. But the coordinated clothes are very expensive.

“I want my own Coordinator because I don’t know what clothes suit me.” If you have questions about coordinating your clothes, a coordinator from this site can answer your questions.

Free members can ask about it in the open consultation section. But if you want to know about it in detail, you can join Vogue club (paying members). The coordinator counsels you based on your photo, so it is more real. And this site offers a variety of information such as up-to-date fashion information and popular items of the month.

Moreover, it shows interesting things including movies, TV information, and cheeking your coordination and fashion. Besise this, it covers a variety of areas - work, different social situations, form, and color.

Comment : Codicom has an on-line counselling service. Vogue club offers detailed advice on coordinating your clothes. So you can get advice on your coordination. It also offers a diversity of information and has a variety of contents. But you need to pay 10,000 won a month to join Vogue club.
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