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Feel At Home in the Hospital!A Word About Hospital Coordinators
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[0호] 승인 2005.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Lee Seoung-wook
Junior Reporter

Have you ever heard of a hospital coordinator? Have you ever wondered who is in charge of general services at a hospital? While we stay at hospital, we can feel comfortable because of the devotion and efforts of the doctors and nurses.

But it would also be impossible if it were not for the support of the hospital coordinators. Without them, patients could not expect high- quality medical service.

This article will explain who the hospital coordinators are and what they do.

The call for Hospital Coordinator is rising in importance as a manager in the rapidly changing medical world.

As a demand for medical services and the number of newly opened hospitals increases, the domestic medical world is about to enter an era of unlimited competition.

Besides, as the notion of general business and service has been introduced into hospitals, and with so many western and traditional doctors, there are cut throat competitions in this field.

Therefore, this is an era in which no hospital can have competitive power without its own business strategy. In addition, the days have gone when hospitals could simply treat patients perfunctorily or with an overbearing and strict attitude, so and hospitals with this manner can no longer keep and treat patients.

Who is the hospital coordinator?

The position of hospital coordinator, which was born in this environment, was defined not simply to mediate between doctors and patients but to be a specialist in post-service management and patient consultation. They also break down barriers between hospitals and patients to elevate patients confidence and staff productivity.

The job has so many parts...

First, hospital coordinators must successfully head a medical service team, with a knowledge of the latest medical paradigms. Second, as a leader who raises the synergy in their medical service team, they must commit themselves to foster the patients. Third, they must promote the creative value of their hospital medical team through benchmarking with other hospitals.

Finally, and above all, they need to help create a patient-friendly, natural atmosphere in both the indoor and outdoor hospital environment. They thus create a harmonious hospital atmosphere with enhanced intimacy between patients and hospitals.

There are several kinds of hospital coordinator...
Treatment Coordinator - they establish a remedial plan and are in charge of the medical examination and treatment team.
Counsellor Coordinator - they talk over matters with patients.
Reception Coordinator - they manage the image of the hospital and accept patients reservations.

Marketing Coordinator - they research the medical market and manage domestic and international public information about the hospital.
Interpretation Coordinator - they help international patients to communicate with doctors and nurses.

Finance Coordinator - they do financial management, taxation accounting and management of insurance.

What do you need to become a coordinator?

Applicants for the position of hospital coordinator are mostly people who experienced in medical circles such as nurses. But it does not necessarily matter what kind of major the person has. There are so many women who are interested in consulting with customers, for example, who can become hospital coordinators.

To become a hospital coordinator, it is necessary for an applicant to have integrity, fundamental medical knowledge and marketing skills.
“Positive and kind thinking in all situations are essential personality traits for a hospital coordinator”, said one person currently doing the job.

If someone has an active, positive personality, that person is highly recommended for the job. Training for this career is available at many specialist medical consultancy firms and client-relations education institutes, including the International Manner Center( I M C).

The present status and outlook for hospital coordinators.
Although developed countries such as the US have one to two specialized hospital coordinators per hospital, it remains a little known field in Korea since it was introduced in 1997.

However, recently it has been spreading quickly through dental, plastic surgery, and oriental hospitals. Large hospitals have their own courses to train nurses to be coordinators but medium and small sized hospitals run by four to five doctors are desperately in short of coordinators. Therefore, it will certainly be a promising career in the future.
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