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[0호] 승인 2005.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Kim Jung An,
The International Summer School
Development & Planning department

1. Why did the UOS decide to hold The International Summer School? And how many times has it been held?

The UOS’s International Summer School has been hosted since 2000, so this time is the third one. Our school hosted this to promote the UOS and to encourage international exchange. We invited students from sister schools and from schools that we will be able to develop sister school relations with.

2. What was the most impressive thing during The International Summer School?

I worried a lot, because so many students from other countries would not get along easily. But they soon adapted to each other.

I was so thankful to all the people who gave courses for the summer school. And the Doumi cared the foreign students well even though they had tough schedules.

3. Who are the Doumi, and what did they do? Do you have something you would like to say to them? If someone wants to be a Doumi, what does he or she need to do?

The Doumi helped the foreign students to adapt to new circumstances (life in Korea). They had a great mission to provide home-stay to foreign students and to help them experience Korean home and family life. If someone wants to be a Doumi, he or she can check the bulletin board of the UOS homepage, and submit an application by an e-mail.

If someone becomes a Doumi, we will introduce foreign students to them individually.

4. Do our students have a chance to go abroad for similar The International Summer Schools?

I’m afraid our school’s sister schools do not have an international program like this.

5. Can you tell me more about how you publicise the international summer school to other students and through the media?

The International Summer School is popular throughout Korea. TV (KBS1), Cable TV and internet broadcasts and the Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported on us. Through these media, I hope more people can learn about the UOS.

6. Can you suggest any ways to improve the International summer school?

Because we do not have a dormitory, it is very difficult for the foreign students to stay in one apartment. If this problem is solved, it will be more pleasant to invite them. And we do not have a big enough budget. I am doing my best to increase the number of participants.

And now some words from the UOS students

After I met my Chinese partner I learned about Chinese culture. Now I’m really interested in China. It was a good experience in my life. Kim Eun-suk

I was so pleased to help them to communicate in restaurants and stores. Shin Dong-un

The most exciting thing was to receive a necklace from my partner. She gave it to me because she appreciated my help. Jung Il-ji

I was touched by my partner. He had a very good feeling for Korea. Lee Sung- jun

Even though they came from different countries, I was very happy we could be good friends. I already miss them! Lee A-ram (the reporter)
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