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[0호] 승인 2005.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Yoe Jin-joo
(Vice president of the UOS Public Information Club)

The reporter interviewed a member of the UOS public information club.

1. What is the UOS public information club?

We started this activity to provide public information about our school. We started it by ourselves. It is composed of students who have an interest in our school along with Professor Kim Il-tae (Department of Urban Administration).

2. Can you tell us about the activities of the UOS public information club in a bit more detail?

For example, we spontaneously cleaned up the World Cup Park wearing the UOS T-shirts. At our school festival, we collected our school students’ pictures and exhibited them to select Hongbodoumi (students who help the activity of public relations). We visited high schools to meet high school students and gave them souvenirs representing our school. We also took pictures for our school’s information book for high school students. If our school participates in entrance exam exhibition this winter, we will go there to help.

3. What difficulties do you face while you lead the UOS public information club?

Students do not participate actively. When we appeal to them to work with us, they just ask us, ¡° If I do that, can I get some money?¡±, or, ¡° I want to get something to eat after that work¡±. (She smiles) Besides, there is only one person in the school who is in charge of public relations, so it makes the situation harder for us. Worst of all, the school does not support us financially.

4. Do you have anything to say to our students?
We feel sorry because even if we have better grades than other schools we have a low public profile. I want to tell all the UOS Students that do not just complain about it and just participate with us! We can make a better school.

5. What would you like to say to our school?
Our school should have a festival to select Doumi, like other schools, and advertise through subway and Internet banner advertising and so on.

The UOS public information club’s activity is not systematic yet. So students’ interest and affection for our university are more and more essential. And school authorities’ support is also needed. In interviews with students, there was comment that ¡°I won’t participate because I cannot make a profit on it.¡± Although students start out with pure love for their university, this is a fair enough comment, because getting involved requires a lot of time and effort. Already other universities compensate students for their involvement.
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