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[0호] 승인 2005.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
To My Juniors
Han Myung-hee. She teaches `Korean and Writing’.

Following is an interview with Han Myung-hee who teaches ¡®Korean and Writing’ at the UOS. She attended the UOS during the 1980s. And now she wants to tell us her thoughts on our school and our students.

1. What do you think about our students when you are teaching them?

There are students who have similar school records and similar backgrounds. In most respects, there are no special students in either a good or a bad way. Because the UOS has no special students, we can hardly find any students who have dreams different from anyone else. Finally they will all end up having similar jobs.

2. Have you ever heard about prejudices against the UOS? Can you tell us about them?

The most common prejudice is that ¡®the college attended by smart but poor students’, I think. That’s right. But for the image of public servants, I do not think so. There are a lot of students at the UOS who want to become public servants. And people even think that all the students of the UOS will naturally become public servants after they graduate from our college.

3. What do you think about these prejudices?

I do not think prejudices about the UOS necessarily have a negative effect. Anyway we should keep the image that we study hard and sincerely. But I think we have lost our characteristics. Because the UOS is turning into a university where students aggregate with students who have similar grades.

4. What is the difference between your college days and now?

During the mid-1980s, when I attended the UOS, people thought the UOS as a college with a lot of potential for development because we had just changed our school’s name. It was the time when our school got to be known by the people. But I think it was no difference now. We do not have as much public relations as the other schools do. There have been no changes except that our entrance quota has expanded.

5. Can you tell us what can we do to improve the image of the UOS and find a way to develop it?

Teaching at the school, I realize my juniors in our school have little pride in the UOS. I am worrying about the life of my students’ future.

They have no interest in the UOS. Changing the image of the UOS and developing the UOS depend on students now attending college but the role of graduates is also important. I think we need programs, which connect current students with their graduates. Our school should do its best to develop these programs.

6. What else would you like to say to students?

First, I want to encourage you to have conviction about yourself. In addition try to embrace new visions in your hearts and have a high ideal. Even though it may not become realized, dreaming is beautiful and a privilege of the youth.

The UOS students have the capacity to work anywhere in the world. But if they are not conscious of it, the capacity becomes useless. It is a cliche but I want to say to you. ¡°Have a dream!¡± But I hope that it will be a fabulous thing rather than a timid.

Do not just complain that others do not recognize your ability. And even though you are aware of these problems, do not take a negative attitude to reform the image of our school and to let others know about it.
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