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[0호] 승인 2005.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Park Wan

How often do you look at the sky? The clear and blue sky! This has already become a strange word to us. We always live in polluted air and crowded places, and it is getting worse. Amid the dreary downtown environment and regimented office buildings, there are no places where we can experience nature.

Moreover, as apartment living cut off from nature is increasing, we are missing green spaces. These days, efforts to recover this lost nature are spreading little by little.

How can we achieve indoor landscape architecture that cultivates this lost nature, greens our living spaces and allows us to feel nature indoors? What is Green Interior Design? To find out, let’s travel into the world of palm gardens, green interior design, which will become more popular in the future as we become more concerned about interior design in general.

Green Interior Design is...

As the name suggests, green interior design consists of decorating indoor and outdoor spaces with plants. In other words, it uses indoor plants, for example, foliage plants (i.e. ornamental plants) and wild flowers to create an indoor garden or decorate rooms, such as the porch, living room and bathroom. So it creates a green environment.

Green Interior Design-because...

Unlike general interior design, which is composed of architectural boundaries and lines, green interior design is mainly composed of plants. So it is called Green Interior Design because it uses plants in interior design. So the green interior does not choose places as mood-centered as common interior. Therefore, choosing plants is very important in green interior design.

It must consider the plants environment, including factors such as growing conditions and lighting. Also flowers should not be chosen just because they are beautiful. The main point is capturing each plants strong feature, and then arranging them in the right places.

This is why it is attractive!
The most attractive thing in green interior design is movement. Even if a room is well decorated, it cannot find any energy if there is no Green. As living plants give out life force, only then can we get movement. This is the most attractive and effective aspect of Green Interior Design.

Within Green Interior Design...
There are many kinds of green interior design.
Terrariums, hanging basket, plant collections,

and hydroponics are the main examples of green interior design. Terrarium is a compound word, originating from Latin: terra (meaning soil) is added to arium (meaning small container). It is a method of gardening that cultivates and displays many kinds of big and small plants inside closed clear cases filled with soil.

Hanging basket is a method that uses baskets which have natural characteristics. In this way it produces plants simply and abundantly.

Plant collections are like a small garden with different kinds of plants, big and small plants, simple and magnificent plants together. Finally hydroponics is also called water growing; it is a good method of green interior design for people who find working with soil annoying or find it difficult to get soil.

To be a Green Interior Designer...
Recently, most major landscape architecture and horticulture university faculties have become interested in this field of green interior design.

Therefore, to become a Green Interior Designer you have to major in Landscape Architecture or Hor-ticulture. These people work in a landscape lab or work as a horticulturist. Horticulture courses are now teaching this field as a major; for example,
Environmental Horticulture at the UOS has a class of this kind called horticulture design. Despite of this, there is no official certificate of qualifications yet.

One manager of an internet site named Flower and Tree says, “Up to now, there is no officially recognized certificate of qualification, but there is a private qualification at Sangmyung University”.

The future of the Green...

The sight of colorful foliage plants standing in half shade has become common since the 1980s. Heating systems have improved, so the proper temperature to grow plants can be maintained during winter.

Moreover, as windows become wider they allow plants to get more sunshine. As artificial illuminators, which make up for a lack of sunshine, are developed, Green Interior Design has become a form of indoor decorations. Green Interior Design decorates spaces beautifully, using living plants and helps relax tension.

Also, the green of plants changes a harsh atmosphere into something smooth and produces a more distinctive building. Thus Green Interior Design has a bright future. In addition, as the importance of the environment has grown, the Green Interior Design has become a necessary part of interior design.

There are not many people who work in this field in our country yet. In fact, it is not well known exactly how many people work on this field. It seems that outdoor landscapers have taken on this activity. At the same time, it looks like floriculturists, horticulturists and the general public do it as a hobby.

Now do we have to live with nature? Rooms need to feel nature amid dreary city life. Green Interior Designer is a very attractive job in that it can find nature in an indoor palm garden and not just in a big outdoor garden.
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