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[0호] 승인 2005.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Byun Hye-jin
Junior Reporter

In the past year, the Latin dance craze along with Ricky Martin have swept Korea. Latin dance is characterized by enthusiasm and passion. It gets you falling in just even watching it. In the movie, ‘Shall we dance’ which was released last summer, many people were captivated in the Latin dance. It is charismatic, as it is more active than ballet and less tough than aeorobic.

Now finally we have also got a chance to learn and dance this enchanting and seductive dance at our university. Because Latin dance club has taken place in the UOS. Although this Latin dance club has not been long since it has been made, its members’ ardor and desire for Latin dance already radiate out into the cold winter.

I heard the club members enjoy learning Latin dance so I went along to check it out. This club meets every week on Thursday at a bar near Kyung Hee University. They meet not for the only purpose of learning dance, but to get together and enjoy music and share good time. In other words, they are having a small party. So Latin dance is often called a social dance.

There are lots of kinds of Latin dance. We generally know the rumba, the cha cha cha, the jive, the samba, the paso doble . In particular they usually play the Jive and the salsa in this bar. The word ‘salsa’ is derived from Spanish and means salt and sauce. Like these spices, salsa has a flushing rhythmical beauty.

Although there weren’t many people in the bar that day, each person was practicing their steps intently as if they had already got into Latin dance’s attraction. I talked to the leader who was teaching the dance steps and asked him about the attraction of Latin dance. “Many people say latin dance is a passion or enthusiasm but I think a little differently. I think Latin dance is care and consideration.

Consideration for your partner whom you are dancing with, and for another couples. If you lack consideration and care, dancing would be a very tough and hard exercise without interesting actions. Latin dance is fascinating because it is played by two people.

The reporter had a good time meeting with these passionate companions. Anyone who is spending boring and tedious campus time should knock on the door of this dancing club.
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