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[0호] 승인 2005.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
The university of Seoul has lots of unique and characteristic departments compared to other school. This may be quite a good point of our school. And among these, we have a department, which just finished their campus exhibition.

That is Dept. of Environmental Sculpure. Many students would be curious about who made and how they make many sculpture arranged here and there around the campus. Let’s find out what this department does and studies.

The sculptures which placed in our campus had been through a complicated process of creation. The surroundings and circumstances of the sculpture’s place were carefully considered and then the works were produced. Most of the artwork of the Environmental Sculpture Department is set up around life space, so they pay attention to stability and settlement.

As feature of our school is thinking about the city, they learn how to achieve harmony between construction and sculpture, and study how to make our immediate surroundings into a more significance place.

On the basis of fundamental level, to cultivate practical application they learn special subjects, like as enviroment esthetics, basic plan, etc. In addition they put on many exhibitions such as beach exhibitions, and graduation exhibits. Also they periodically give out a modeling magazine. Students make pamphlets and invite seniors and teachers. These give them the opportunity to show their talent and skill to others.

To give full play to one’s genius, the school offers many advantages and benefits to student not to mention support with facilities. We can see lots of equipment, which can’t be found in any other university. Thanks to these facilities, students can express themselves and concentrate their inspiration purely on their artwork. In addition to this, passionate and highly motivated professors are the most helpful and supportive thing for students.
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