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[0호] 승인 2006.06.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Kim Soo-jeong Editor-in-chief As you know, many people think there were rarely changes at the UOS. But, did you know that the UOS was ranked second upon an information-oriented part of Joongang Ilbo’s investigation? It is clear that this news was a shock, as well as a pleasant change. The UOS had various plans to develop an information base and along with the Computer Center, promoted them very well.

There are several ways to use the information equipment on our campus. Unfortunately, there are also many students who don’t have enough information about that to use it. Let’s look at this situation on our campus, and think about the ways students can learn how to use them.

1. Compared to other universities, what is the level of our information-oriented base? To know the differences between information enterprises in a university from those in a company, the UOS Times met with Professor Kim Hyun-sung who is member of Organization of Development of Information-oriented Base and gave a lecture about Public Administration Inforamtion Management.

Let’s listen to his opinion.

What do you think are the differences between information enterprises in a university and those in a company?

As you know, the UOS is managed by the City of Seoul. Therefore, the university doesn’t perform this service for a profit. The UOS is promoting the enterprise to invest. ¢

What do you think is the level of the information base at the UOS?

Although there are several universities that have a good information condition, it is clear that the information base at the UOS is very good. The UOS has constructed a high-speed network. Moreover, the UOS also developed a wireless network base. The wireless network is already set up in front of the Social Science Building, the Central Library, and the open air. Wireless networks allow students to use the Internet without cables. To use this network you need a laptop computer with a wireless Lan card. The UOS bought 50 more laptop computers so students would not have to pay.

There are also many laptop computers in the Central Library that you can use. Go there! The UOS supports its students in learning to use computers with a high level of skill. There are enough computers for almost all students to use. Also, if you want to use computers out of a PC room, there are kiosk boxes on the first floor of every building.

This condition means the UOS offers abundant support to computer end-users. It’s also important that a good condition to information in our society is available for all students.

But, many students are not familiar with this type of equipment and there are even students who don’t know about the computer base on our campus. What do you think about this situation?

It’s a pity. The UOS has many resources involving hardware and software. It’s all prepared for the students. Unfortunately, many students didn’t know about these resources so never took advantage of them. Not only did the Computer Center fail to do it’s best to inform the students about these resources, but also, students didn’t try to find these resources and use the computer base.

I think the press of the UOS can solve this problem as a messenger of this information.

Is there any problem in the future?

I think if the information base enterprise starts at the point of practical use after complete construction of computer equipment, it will be important to keep students as clients.

Education focused on how to use this information base will be performed continuously and enhance the importance of Computer Science classes. It will be a good method to use computer license systems in order to graduate. I think students have to demand and use their rights as owners of this information equipment.

2. Wow, a wireless world! We are living in a wireless world. What do you think about it?

In your home, you may have remote controls to operate your TV, VCR, Audio System, and more. And what about cellular telephones? This small wonder allows you to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, merely by entering certain numbers. This wireless mood has also grown to include computers.

First, there was the laptop computer, a compact computer that worked without any cables. Now, you can also enjoy the Internet without cables. People think that computer use can only be limited to PC rooms, or in their homes. But, why not outside of a building? Let’s go out side! You can enjoy surfing the Internet in the open air.

Unfortunately, there are only four places where you can use wireless laptop computers. By next year, you will be able to boot up anywhere on campus, including several buildings.

Below is a picture showing you all the places you can go to use a wireless laptop computer. All you need, is a laptop computer with a wireless Lan card. Go to the second floor in the Central Library! There are many laptop computers there, along with fifty new laptop computers with wireless Lan cards. Have fun!

3. What we can use on the campus?

What are the ways of using the infrastructure of information on our campus? As far as hardware, there are 3,525 personal Pentium computers in every building, and every department. Each computer is connected through a high-speed network. If you want to check your E-mail account, or use a computer in a hurry, there are kiosk boxes.

Early this year, the Nanumter was opened, so you can use computer cheating with your friends and eating snacks. Do you know about the PC 119? PC 119 will repair broken PC and solve any problems if you call them. When you dial “2119”, they will come to you and solve the problem. One student said, “I didn’t know the PC 119 even existed.

But, when I called them, they came at once and solved all my problems! I didn’t need any other computer company’s A/S center and it was very convenient.” Like this case, you also can use PC 119 conveniently.

Now, lets look at the part of software. First of all, the UOS has a large library of software. The UOS contracted with many software companies so the UOS students could use state of the art software without pay. You can see a list of available software in a chart.

The software is on the Computer Center’s Internet home page. The Computer Center also offers lectures about software such as Linux, access 2000, making a homepage, and so on. Next year there will be 4 more lectures about IT. And why don’t you use the E-mail that the UOS has offered to you? You can use free E-mail of 10MB.

Like these, there are many ways to use this infrastructure of information. Lee Young-mee, who is the officer of the Computer Center, said, “We also planned many other enterprises such as the development of more high-speed networks in the future.”

Although there are still several problems like careless operation of the existing facilities, they can be solved by your concern and careful mind. You are the owner of all this equipment. Use and demand your rights!

Do You Know Cyber Class?

Since the beginning of the 21st century, ‘Cyber’ has become an important factor in the education of all university students. In fact, several universities started Cyber classes. In light of this mood, the UOS is already preparing Cyber classes.

Do you know about this? This year, Professor Keum Hee-yeon, and two other professor, started Cyber classes by way of showing an example. By next year, 9 professors will start Cyber classes.

Why don’t you consider taking Professor Keum Hee-yeon’s cyber class? What are you waiting for? On the first page of this cyber class, there are pictures of Professor Keum, and a menu bar. You can choose a lecture from over 20 lectures. You can also see Professor Keum’s introduction, and purpose of the lecture through animation, before the lecture begins.

You can also listen to a fully detailed explanation of the contents of each lecture. Oh, don’t forget to log-in before attending any lectures. The log-in means attendance in on-line. After a lecture, students solve the quiz what the Professor made. If you have questions to direct to the professor, you can ask them in the Q&A corner.

This is the first time to begin Cyber class as a regular subject, so it’s not perfect. But, in Cyber class, anonymity is guaranteed and abundant information is available. It is great news that the Cyber classes are opening.

The Softwares What We Can Use Without Pay

- campus lisense -

V3PRO2000 : no limit
SAS : no limit
SPSS : no limit
Edu_Track : no limit
MS Office 97, 2000 : no limit (except from PC room)
MS FrontPage : no limit (except from PC room)
MS Visual Studio Pro : no limit (except from PC room)
MS Windows Upgrade(ME, NT포함) : no limit (except from PC room)

- common lisence -

한글 97 : 1,820
한컴오피스 : 352
워디안 : 1,020
MS Office 2000 : 582
MS Office 97 : 1,455
새롬데이타맨 97 : 201
밤톨이 2000 : 100
Recovery Genius : 1,000
Photoshop : 418
나모 웹에디터 : 626
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