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[0호] 승인 2006.06.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Koo Sun-mo
Desk of International and Social Affair

Maybe you have had this experience. You search the Internet to write a paper and there are scores of related sites. You click one of them but it is not the right information for you to use. You click another site but it is also not good.

Becoming angry, you use another search site but find it is the same site you saw earlier. How happy you are if you find a site with all the right information! This issue will deal with these special searching sites.

(1) Disabled Person _

This site actually gives help to the disabled. However, you do not have to be disabled to visit this web site. You can learn what you misunderstand, giving you a chance to understand the disabled more clearly.

In the reference section, it lists organizations for the disabled, so you can visit there for service activity. Moreover, it gives the school and department information for the students who want to go to there.

(2) Biographical dictionary _

Have you ever wanted to find a person you liked in the old days? Where are they? What do they do now? How can I find them? You can search for them in the This web site gathers the sites for those looking for people.

It divides the sites into jobs and people. There are Northern Korean sites, a newspaper biographical dictionary, Iloveschool site, and a cinema biographical dictionary so you can seek people easily. In addition, it will help you find separated families, professors, journalists, athletes, advertisers, and CEOs.

(3) Education _

This special educational searching site is This site collects many educational sites together so you don’t have to surf the Internet. It shows the visitors, so you can know how popular this site is. Of course, you cannot always decide how good a site is, based on the number of hits, but it does help. After all, there must be something that is making all these people come to this site.

The site gathers teachers’ homepages, student helping sites, educational institutions, and computer sites. There are sites for teachers such as student management sites, discussion for educational matters, and class material for elementary school students.

For students, there are educational institutions, and it connects to several schools for those entering higher studies. Moreover, it divides the sites into classes so students can access specific lessons easily.

(4) Game _

Some students’ eyes are opened to the news when you hear the word ‘game’. Nowadays, many students are crazy for games. As it says, this game search site connects all the game related sites. It recommends many sites from game production, to game portal sites, game magazines, and game contests. In the game production it collects amateur and professional producer’s sites. Many young students are interested in professional gamers so it gives the information about gamers’ sites and contests.

For those who like on-line games, it gives the ‘gild’ sites, and links game magazines like Game Police, and the game Chosun. In the morgue, you can access free share-ware sites and game editors, which make a connection between classic games and new games.

The more the Internet develops, the more information we get. Unfortunately, there is so much information, we do not always know what is important and what is useless. Living in this era of information flood, finding the right information can save you time and money. I hope these sites will help your web surfing.
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